Compilation reviews: 10 My Beauty Diary Masks

So this took me awhile but I'm finally done with the post! I ordered a variety of MBD masks on Amazon and decided to do short mini reviews in one post. 

MBD masks are one of my HG when it comes to sheet masks used on a regular basis. I like to keep my more expensive masks for 'special occasions', but this doesn't mean MBD ones are any inferior. It's just because their prices are super wallet-friendly. Always a plus. 

I'm sure no introduction is needed for MBD. Their masks are always packed full of antioxidants and ingredients that are hydrating, brightening and nourishing. Just very skin-pampering stuff. The masks are always filled with generous amount of essence - definitely enough for a second time use. I personally find lying down helps the essence not drip all over lah but I just massage them all into my skin even if it does. Doesn't really bother me a lot. 

The fit of their mask is also just nice for me but might be a problem for people who prefer larger sized masks. This is relative tho so it's not a huge issue or anything. 

The new version changed the material from regular kind to these super soft silky thin ones that fit even better (until they dry out). I love this material. It just feels extra compared to thicker ones that feel like they dry out faster. 

I got the 'newer' versions so apparently there are 3 features that are supposedly the stars of the show cause they were plastered on every packaging lmao.

1. Aquaroad: implying that the mask will inject hydration into skin

2. Cosphingo: refers to the ingredient found in their masks: glycosphingolipids which is moisturizing

3. Tinysome: I honestly can't find further info on this but fiddysnails presumed that it is did to the liposome technology in the ingredients

Black Pearl: 5/5

One of my favourite from the range. This definitely has (temporary - as with most sheet masks) brightening effects and my face felt way softer the next day. I went to find out the ingredients and this contains natural pearl (extracts, I suppose?) to brighten and soften.

Not only that, it contains pineapple, limes and cucumbers to exfoliate. Ahhhh this is why my skin was so soft! 

It also has anti-inflammatory/bacteria properties with licorice roots extract which explains the calm-down skin after using the mask.

Imperial Bird Nest: 4/5

I knock down a point off this due to the fact that I'm just not comfortable that swiftlet nest extract is used. There's just plenty of overharvesting and negative consequences and I think that there are a lot of ingredients we can use INSTEAD of that. It's not like it's a super dooper magical unicorn ingredient, yknow? 

With that aside, this is extremely nourishing. I'm not talking about basic hydration but more of how my skin is actually MSBB. It's just better overall - softer, smoother and slightly more toned. 

I love this range but I don't like the issues behind it. Birds and their nests did nth to my skin so I'm not about to go encourage anyone to tear down their nests and all.

Hyaluronic Acid: 4.5/5

This is one I would definitely recommend for SG's weather. It's a hydrating mask without the heavy, thick feeling. It's super comfy and for some reason, the material is even more comfy and shiok. 

I found the dry spots around my mouth were well-hydrated even in the morning, and the skin around my cheeks were nice and plump. However, as mentioned, I think they are good for SG but for drier places, u will need smth with more oomph.

Natto: 3/5

When I saw Natto, I got quite excited cause I just got into fermented ingredients. I was expecting to see brightening properties amongst other stuff that MBD masks always provide. 

However, this mask just didn't feel like it did anything for me leh! My redness was pretty much still there and I didn't even see temporary brightening properties. It was decently hydrating but that's about it. 

I was quite disappointed cause it supposedly contains red/brown algae extracts to brighten skin but I didn't really observe that. 

However, Natto does provide anti-oxidant properties and this mask supposedly prevents aging effects so it's abit like Estée Lauder damn-expensive ANR?? It's like a preventive measure kinda thing. 

Idk lah. I don't think I'll use my sheet masks to prevent aging cause there are other better products suited for that.

Squalene: 5/5

Squalene is found in human sebum and starts to decline after our 20s. It is an anti-oxidant and prevents UV damage/sun spots, helps to promote cell growth and is an antibacterial too?? So magical. 

They are very calming, and useful when I overdo on the acids. There's also a pretty glow after patting the serum in and it lasts till the next day. My skin definitely seemed more even too. 

This is definitely a repurchase for me! Gonna add that I really love the color of the packaging too.

Royal Pearl: 4/5

This is like a sister to Black Pearl. The ingredients are almost pretty similar except for some here and there. They both promote brightening properties but the Royal Pearl one is more targeted at evening out skin tone while the Black Pearl is more moisturizing. 

This even has mulberry extract to 'restore a luminous complexion' but I haven't search more on this so idk. Just stating it out there hahaha

I like this but I don't feel like I have a deep love for it. I am sorry Royal Pearl, I think I prefer Black Pearl. It's not you. It's me lmao

Mexico Cactus: 5/5

I was puzzled at what cacti are supposed to do for my skin so a'lil googling was necessary. Cactus is apparently rich in mucopoly-saccharides, Vit C & amino acid.

Mucopoly-saccharides are excellent moisturizing ingredients because of their water-binding abilities and Hyaluronic Acid is a form of MPS! It has aloe which is a pretty common ingredient. What stood out was this one called Gotu Kola. Apparently, it's the same species as carrot and has anti-aging properties! All these weird ingredients....seriously haha

There's also Black mulberry, carrageenan and malavasylvestris extracts - all help to promote radiance in dull skin. So essentially brightening properties I'm assuming?

Red Vine/Wine: 5/5

This contains the usual ingredients found in most MBD masks - sodium hyaluronate, licorice roots extract etc. 

The essence in the mask is supposedly packed with red wine polyphenol that are super anti-oxidants which can give you a radiant complexion. 

I've heard really good stuff about this and I remember liking it a lot the first time so I decided to take before/after shots.

Oh yes, and these are the same cutting and material as the Damask Rose one leh. I don't like the cutting - still prefer the old design with the slits. Love the thinner material for sure.

The before and after were taken just 30 minutes apart, using the bathroom light without filter or edit. The brightening effect is so super wow lah. Luvvit. The softening effects are really obvious too.

The scent is abit too sweet for me - it smells like grape candy. If only it smelt like wine, I think a lot more people will buy 😂

Definitely a repurchase - in fact, this is one of my HG from MBD!