#Maskotd: My Beauty Diary Oligopeptide Treatment Masks!

#maskotd !! 

So my stash of MBD and Tosowoong masks are depleting at a quick rate so I got another batch of MBD. This time round, I tried the Oligopeptide Treatment Masks. 

Anyone know if this is new or old or repackaged maybe?? I've never seen them before but I've been out of the masking scene for a while so I'm not too sure. 

I got this from Amazon and it does come with the holographic sticker to prove authenticity so I feel very reassured by it. 

The serum-infused mask contains Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin and Peptides to improve hydration, brighten complexion, refines and repairs the skin. 

It contains a unique amino acid structure of peptides (Oligopeptide) that are able to penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin - Idk how true this was so I did a quick Google! 

The key ingredient in this is palmitoyl oligopeptide, which is a lab-created peptide chain attached to a fatty acid. The fatty acid helps the entire molecule be absorbed better by the skin, and the molecule as a whole promotes both collagen and hyaluronic acid production below the surface of the skin.
— Reddit

However, it also states that it's the 7th ingredient on the list so idk what the concentration and all is tho.

It also contains Brown Algae extract and Wheat Globulin to help restore skin's elasticity. Sounds so magical one. 

I'm always up for more hydration, peptides or not so decided to give this a shot!

I thought the Hanbang mediental masks were thin but this is another level! I swear my finger nails were tearing it. 

It is really 'infused' tho. I swear I've never used a mask so soaked before. The fit was kinda weird at the edges - just a little too large. MBD normally does good fit lah, so this wasn't too bad. 

Mask sheets and my face shape don't go hand-in-hand most of the time.

Dk got firming anot since this is the first piece I've tried but definitely super soft skin in the morning. My skin was baby soft, I had a very soothing time washing it this morning hahaha! It also had an immediate brightening effect that lasted till morning. It didn't calm redness down tho! I think the hanbang mask is still my top faves for that. Or the TSW Pure Snail one.

For brightening, this is really good but nth beats the Laneige Clear_C one I tried! I know there was a deal for this range on Lazadasg a few days ago so check those out. I only have one left and I refuse to use it. NO MORE LIAO 😭

Overall, I really enjoyed this mask and I can see a softening and brightening effects after using so repurchasing is a YES! I also wanna try out the other ranges now fml.