#Maskotd: Tony Moly x Pokemon (Grapefruit) / (Green Tea)

 I've thought about it and decided that maskmonday wont work very well. If I mask everyday, that's 7 masks in a week. If I only review 1 per week, I will have an eternity backlog of masks' reviews. Not a feasible idea. 

I've decided to re-hashtag it to #maskotd - this will help me track the ones i would like to repurchase plus I get to review masks whenever I feel like. So probably 2-3x a week? 

Since it's frequent, it will be a no-fuss, quick and dirty kinda review and I'll provide more pics or info if I deemed necessary. 

Since I have no other sheetmasks with me right now, aside from the 3 Tony Moly X Pokémon ones. I decided to just use them all and here are my thoughts on the last two -


This is my second Tony Moly x Pokémon mask but I'm using the Brightening (Grapefruit) one this time. The Honey one was Moisturizing. 

This one has a slightly more watery gel texture and it smells really citrusy. Like, it gets in ur nose and it has the same similar tacky finish. 

However, my face was VERY soft in the morning. Like ridiculously soft. Definitely softer than the Honey one.

My PM Routine for this mask: 
1. *flips table. I didn't take picture of my Ganier Micellar Water so just imagine it there. 
2. Cleanse with Neutrogena + Foreo
3. CNP Invisible Peeling Boost (entire face) 
4. LRP Effaclar K (Tzone only) 

* wait time: 15-20 mins* 

5. Laneige Skin Refiner -Moisture (1 drop each on cheeks and forehead)
6. Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX (1 drop each on cheeks and forehead) 
7. Sheetmask - pat leftover serum in
8. Laneige Water Bank Gel Creme

Most significant improvement just after 2 sheet masks in 2 days is difference in skin tone and plumper glowier skin. The before was taken a few days before I started this craze. I have no highlighter or anything on and this is #nofilter but look at that glow on my cheekbones! 

My skin was pretty normal in the before - all that redness is norm to me lah. The second thing I realize for the after is my redness have just kinda subsided into the background. It looks less irritated!

This is the last of my Pokémon series hahahaha and this is the Green Tea (Pores) one. 

I don't like this as much as I like the first two. The Honey one made my skin super plump while the Grapefruit one made is so soft.

This one....just kinda fell flat? 

My skin was nice and soft but it wasn't ridiculously crazy soft like when I used the Grapefruit one. It basically hydrated my skin lah but that's about it. And a lot of sheet masks can do that so nth special. Can skip.

Oh I forgot about this PM routine that is also lacking my Micellar Water 🤦🏻‍♀️

1. Garnier Micellar Water
2. Neutrogena + Foreo
3. CNP (entire face) 
4. LRP Effclar K (Tzone cause this is BHA) 
5. Dr. Wu Daily Renewal Serum - Mandelic Acid (cheeks cause this is AHA)

* wait time: 15-20 mins* 

6. Estée Lauder Microessence (1 drop each on cheeks/forehead as 1st essence) 
7. Laneige Skin Refiner - Moisture (1 drop each on cheeks/forehead as hydrating toner) 
8. Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX (essence/serum) 
9. Sheetmask - pat leftover serum in
10. Laneige Water Bank Gel Creme (to seal hydration in)