#Maskotd: Lovemore Diamond Essence Translucent & Illuminating Mask - review!


I chanced upon these Lovemore masks in the cutest packaging in Watsons a couple of days back and got a few to try. Anything brightening and illuminating is always up my alley. The mask is a regular woven cotton mask and fit was pretty decent. The slits were too far apart, for me, to help with adjusting.


It came with 2 separators and you're supposed to remove the white plastic one first, lay it over your face and then remove the top blue one. It was a bit of a hassle imo cause the mask wasn't particularly flimsy? The white plastic piece was more than enough tbh. Also, the blue one ended up soaking up some of the essence so it was a bit of a waste too leh. 


It was very comfy, no issues on that and there was plenty of essence to wear the mask for a good 30 mins before it started drying up around the edges. 


The after was rather impressive for a $3.90 mask and I definitely see a brightening effect. My pores were also blurred out too. This mask boasts of ingredients like Jeju springs water and diamond powder which apparently can illuminate tired skin. It also does contain honey extract which are known for anti-inflammatory properties. 

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this drugstore mask! i bought a few of the others from the same range so I will review those after trying them out.