#Maskotd: Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask


First #maskotd ! I tried this on my hand at the event and was blown away so I wanna see how they perform on my facccceeee. 

This is really supposedly a unique sheet mask and very different from the typical ones u get in drugstore. So I thought I'd share more in details. 

Each mask comes in 2 packets - 1 for the upper half of the face and 1 for lower half.


In both, the mask is encapsulated in plastic. It's not ur typical messy sheet mask with the entire packet filled with essence. 


The mask if also backed with a plastic sheet. 

As for the mask itself, it is actually made with Gore-Tex material (found on waterproof windbreakers like wtf???) on the outside to prevent evaporation and a soft inner sheet that holds the serum.

The serum is also very different from the light water ones aka MBD masks and instead its a vicious white creamy serum/cream that contains 8x more ginseng extract for anti-aging purposes. 


The adherence is crazy good and it feels a lot like the FIF gold mask but way thicker. I did shit ton of chores in this and nothing budged. Like, it held on so well. I could go jogging in this and it probably would stay on LOL.

The ginseng smells heavenly to me and it felt so relaxing. The whole room smells of it and I absolutely loveeedddd it. Not so sure if the husband did tho.


I wasn't kidding the other day when I instal-storied it and here's proof lol

Legit had the mask on for 50 mins and it was still damp when I removed it. Used it on my knees and chest till it completely dried out. The after is also unlike regular masks - no shiny/dewy finish. It was actually pretty matte.

My skin was instantly brighter which meant my dark circles were 2x more obvious wtf and my neck didn't change color at all lah (as u can see from the pic). I didn't even have to apply moisturizer at the end just cause this is of pretty thick consistency. 

I did this review in the day just so I can get good lighting to show y'all the effects of the mask but I would really just use this at night due to the consistency. It's quite heavy and if u sleep in air-con and ur skin feels dry the next morning, I think this would save a lot of that. My skin was also incredibly soft like, zomg and it looks like i applied a filter over it. Very blurred out.

However, I feel like my dry skin and more mature skin type would enjoy this more. It will be way too heavy if ur skin is oily. 

My ultimate fave mask of SWS is still the Snowise mask. I haven't tried anything that can beat that brightening and luxe feeling. U can read my review on it here