#Maskotd: Minon Amino Moist Mask


Today's review is on this Minon Amino Moist Mask. This is a pretty new Jap brand in SG and I believe Lazada carries them. It’s super well-known in Japan for being v suitable for sensitive skin just cause of its gentle ingredients. I am a sheet-mask whore so gotta try gotta try! 

The mask is made of thin, mesh-like cotton material? The shape of the mask is DAMN WEIRD. Doesn’t it look like onigiri 🍙??? It was a very weird fit for my face.


It’s coated in this thick jelly, instead of liquid essence so there’s no dripping. It’s really quite interesting cause I’ve never felt a mask with jelly essence before. There’s also a ton of jelly essence left in the packet. 

There’s also no fragrance to the mask and it was v comfy to wear. Only started drying out at the 30min mark? I scooped the remaining essence in the pouch and slathered it on the mask and it lasted for another 10 mins!


I was v v v pleasantly surprised at the results. My skin was instantly brighter and plumper. A lot of the redness was reduced and I was left with a nice pink healthy flush. My skin was also v v soft. 

I really would recommend anyone to try this but if u have sensitive skin, this is a definite must-try. It’s v calming and gentle so it should be a breeze to use! 

Available on Lazada