#Maskotd: Mediheal Airguard Foilab - Gold/Whiteful


Ok, last one liao. This really reminds me of the FIF gold mask (review here). It’s a similar 2-pc gold foil mask except this didn’t come with a separator. The FIF one had a mesh netting pc. Still, it was a breeze to apply and I didn’t have any issues at all.


I polled this on IG and it was tough choice at first but the Gold one won by a landslide at 70% so I went with that! Don’t worry, I’ll use the silver one soon and the review will be up too. Haha 

As for ingredients, the mask boasts of 70% Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate and it is the first on the list of ingredients. SFF is a kind of fermented product normally found in first-essence (think SKII FTE) and it has plenty of brightening, anti-oxidant properties. The mask also included niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate coupled with a lot of other plant extracts.


The size was great for me and the slots provided helped with fitting too. Adherence was great and I didn’t have any issues with it sliding or falling off.

The essence was v light and watery but I had the mask on for easily 35 mins without any drying out issues just cause the film of the mask prevented any unnecessary evaporation. There was also gold pearl powder included leh wtf so fancy.


My skin is v out of whack cause i haven’t been sleeping well and PMS-week yah. Visible pores, rough texture and unevenness are all I’m getting right now ☹️

And as u can see, the results are super wow leh??? I feel like the camera didn’t capture the results well enough. It looks even better irl. My pores are blurred over, my skin is SO BRIGHT, and it’s really v soft omg.

This mask is really pricy for a drugstore mask. The FIF gold one is $4.90 but this is originally $7.90. However, i got it whilst it was on sales so it was only$3+?? Im gonna go stock up if the sales is still running cause I do feel like its really worth it for the effects and the good ingredients. 

Pretty excited to try the silver one next! That's for hydration and has 70% Bifida Ferment Filtrate which has anti-inflammatory properties and help repair skin's moisture barrier!