#Maskotd: Faith In Face I Need Relaxing Care Mask


I got a couple of FIF masks when I was in JB cause much cheaper and I tried the Relaxing Care one first so here's a review on the I Need Relaxing Care mask!

Firstly, look at how wide this mask shape is in. It’s SO HUGE. Application was a downright pain just cause of all the adjusting I was doing. It’s also in this thin cellulose sheet that kept getting stuck together and the plastic insert they included was of no help.


This is meant for soothing your skin so ingredients include green tea extract, baobab fruit extract and aloe vera. I was pretty pleased with how it felt when I had it on and it lasted around 30 mins before starting to dry out. 

I couldn’t move around much with this on just cause the weird fit made it keep dropping down leh??


There was just a very, very slight brightening effect and for some reason, my redness didn’t reduce and I had a flush after that. I don’t think it’s any clash of ingredients tho lol. Dk what’s going on hahaha

I haven’t had any bad experience with FIF masks before but this is definitely not my favorite. I think I can get better ones for the same price or even less. For smth calming, the Minon Amino Moist one did a better job! 

Available in Watsons