#Maskotd: Faith In Face I Need Always Bright Mask


Today's review is on another FIF mask in the same range except this is to target brightness - I Need Always Bright Mask! Key extract being niacinamide amongst other extracts I’m spotting.


This fit is sooooo much better than the Relaxing one. I think the Relaxing one I got might had just been a bad batch lah. 

The mask was very soaked and the packet had a lot of essence leftover after as well. It only started drying past the 30 min mark. Nubbad. 

The mask had plenty of slits as u can see from the first pic so the fit was really not too shabby.


As for brightening effects, there is but it isn’t super wow or whatever leh? I feel the gold one is VERY wow but this is pretty average only. 

The after was DAMN TACKY. It’s one of those that dries down to a super sticky finish that all your hair will stick to ur face kind lol.