#Maskotd: Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Sheet Mask

Finally, thanks to dayrebeauty, look what I got! Also praise no-minimum shipping cause I ONLY checked out a piece of mask. How controlled! How proud are y'all of me now?

Okay....now this is where I get long-winded and cannot stop talking. So grab a snack, or read this on the way to work cause it's rather long.

Quick look at the ingredients show a ton of oils used and quite a lot of skin-friendly ingredients.

There ARE some ingredients that might cause irritation if your skin is sensitive but they are really quite down low in the ingredient list and also low in the irritation scale.

Just wanted to show y'all the insides! The mask essence is of a really creamy consistency and not the usual gel/watery kind we normally get in sheet masks. The texture of the mask is also slightly different. I can't really put my finger to it but it's definitely thicker. 

• cleanse my face with Foreo per normal
• CNP on entire face
• LRP Effaclar K on Tzone
• Sheet mask!!! 

Immediately after the mask, I massaged the rest of the essence in and omg, my skin felt SUPER hydrated, and it felt so much softer! 😱

But seriously, I'm going crazy over masking lately cause I feel like I can FINALLY see a difference cause of Foreo/CNP. Are y'all sick of me talking about this over and over. I can't help it leh. I've really never seen my skin like this before. 

I'm sorry okay for going on. It's just, I feel like I've worked really hard all these years and I finally, finally have the skin I want? It's not perfect, it's not flawless. I still have my scarring from that one bad experience 8 years ago and you can read about it here and the pitted scars are still there for sure. But I'm truly truly so happy with my skin right now. It is glowing, there's no uneven texture from bumps or blemishes and my pores are probably the smallest I've seen.

See wtf I am digressing again. Okay, back to the mask. 

Ceramide are lipid (fat) molecules that are found in high concentrations within cell membranes. In the top layer of the skin, ceramides hold skin cells together and that forms a protective layer that plumps the skin and retains moisture. 

Ceramide skin skincare products are used to replenish the natural lipids that are lost from:
• exposure to harsh environmental factors
• use of drying products (like exfoliants)
• ageing process 

This is not the first ceramide product I tried tho. Just a few months ago, I actually got this ⬇️

Cerave PM lotion! 

You can see one of the main ingredient is Ceramide and ceramide is really good for eczema too! After trying it for a while,I felt like it didn't do much for my face so I decided to use it for my right hand with eczema!

I used it as a hand cream for 2 weeks and my thumb started healing so nicely! My eczema comes and goes on my right digits as it pleases and normally, when it starts on one, it goes crazy and starts spreading. Then the whole ordeal will take like, a few months before it starts to heal. During these times, I will SPAM hand cream and all but I've never seen one heal it so fast! I'm really impressed so I guess, it doesn't matter it didn't work on my face lah.

If u see the Cerave bottle, u will see that one of the ingredient is niacinamide. These two are super powerful ingredients for our skin! 

Just to put it across more simply, Niacinamide helps to repair skin while Ceramide helps provide a layer of protection/moisturization so the skin can heal underneath. Does that make sense? I hope it does 😳

Okay, anyw, it's fine to use the two together but niacinamide have been known to cause sensitivity in some people, causing breakouts! 

Oh and apparently, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and ceramide works well together if ur skin can take it. If you're using two separate products for niacinamide and ceramide, then make sure N goes first before C! Cause C is technically a barrier on top of ur skin to retain moisture so make sure N goes in first lah basically. Ceramide should also be good enough to replace your moisturizer/oils if u want to try it out.

I didn't get breakouts while trying the Cerave but I did start getting small bumps along my jawline after 2-3 uses. Plus the fact it didn't do anything for my complexion so I just stopped. So tbh, idk if my skin is allergic to niacinamide but it is reacting very well with just ceramide alone! I am also currently trying out another famous ceramide product but I literally just stared on that so I'll get back to y'all!

Ok but this is my skin after the mask! #NoFilter hahaha Isn't it so glowy and nice, if I may say so myself hahaha

Okay, so if u really have dry skin, and oil doesn't work for u, then maybe try smth with ceramide to help retain moisture! 😊