Mamonde Brightening Cover Watery/Powder Cushion Review!


I have been trying out these two cushions for the past month and have finally gotten around to taking pictures for this review. I have definitely put it to good test seeing as how Singapore's weather is KILLING recently. Every time I am out, I feel like I am being roasted alive. 


The two cushions are meant to brighten skin and the two versions are meant to cater to different skin types. Watery for drier skin and Powder for oilier skin. I felt like it was quite smart. 

Even tho they are of the same shade - 21N, the Watery one was definitely slightly pinkier in tone and brighter when applied. The Powder one is on the warmer side and covers redness better, imo.


The Watery Cushion blends very easily and feels really light on the skin. It covered up my redness nicely and evened out my skin tone. I feel like this looked better even after a long day (>8 hours of wear time) even tho my redness comes through more. 


The Powder cushion is way more pigmented and this one fully covers redness. However, I feel like it does cling on to pores more and made them more obvious. After a long day (>8 hours of wear time), I feel like my natural oil doesn't sit well with this. It causes the cushion to break apart very slightly around my oilier area but it isn't VERY obvious, just smth I noticed when I peer into my compact. But it does maintain my redness throughout the day better!

Watery Cushion

  • Lightweight
  • Hydrating
  • Suited for drier skin types
  • Brightening
  • Looks good even after >8 hours of wear time
  • Covers redness well initially but wears off by the end of the day

Powder Cushion

  • More pigmented
  • Covers redness well even throughout the day
  • Suited for oilier skin types (At first)
  • Might break apart after mixing with natural oil at the end of the day
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Brightening
  • Emphasizes pores more
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