Mamonde All Stay Foundation REVIEW!

I was told to wear the foundation with the aforementioned aqua glow base cause this foundation IS drying. So I did step up my moisturizer and used the base as instructed to test the product out.


I was actually quite impressed with it leh! It isnt as blendable but not surprising since its drying. I thought it’d be too pink for me but it isn’t! Reduced my redness pretty well. The dryness of the foundation is pretty obvious AT FIRST. It does emphasize dryness and lines BUUUUUT, I say at first cause it wears better with time. After 2 hours, the finish is BEAUTIFUL. I think my natural sebum came through and just gives it a good balance. 

Although it claims to be drying, the finish is nice! I expected a super matte finish but it has a semi-matte/satin finish on me. Very very nice. 

I wore it for about 6-7 hours without setting the foundation, and I didn’t blot nor touched up either. I was very pleasantly surprised the finish is still beautiful and I had a nice glow-shine even then. There wasn’t any breaking apart and I wasn’t tacky-oily at the end even.