Mamonde: All about 'em EYES (Shadows, liners and mascaras!)


I love my eyes - lol, no shame but I think they are my favorite feature HAHAHA or rather, in particular, just my lashes. Still, very excited to try out these new eye products from Mamonde. 


Received two of the Flower Pop Eye Bricks!


The first one is a warm palette with bronze and browns. 

  1. Golden-champagne 
  2. Light bronze
  3. Brown-bronze
  4. Chocolate-brown

All the shades are shimmer and are sooooo buttery to swatch. The pigmentation is just wow and the colors are soon lovely. These will be amazing for brown/green/hazel eyes cause confirm will make those eye color pop. 


Second one is a pinkish palette - very Korean-style. 

  1. Light baby silver-toned pink
  2. Pink with chunky glitter
  3. White shimmer
  4. Silver-toned pink 

I feel this quad is a bit harder for me to use cause I don't normally go for such pink shades and also theres no particular transition shade or anything. But I would mix it with the quad above just to get a good choice of shades. The pigmentation is also amazing but the chunky glitter means fallout so do ur eyes first then face or u will have glitter all over ur face lol. I was gliiter-fied after all the switching. 


They also brought in the pot liners and these are the Easy Drawing Gel Eyeliner. The brush is kept at the top of the cap and it makes for convenient keeping and traveling. Don't have to bring extra brush and don't have to worry about losing it. For pot liners, I prefer using them as just liners and not tightlining cause of control. For tightlining.....


I prefer the standard pencil-gel kind. These are the Super Longwear Auto Pencil Slim Liner. Its a twist-packaging but I heard these are pretty soft so I made sure to keep the twist to a minimum to draw it on just so I don't break them. 


Compiled swatch. Both went on easily and I had no issues with pigmentation or tugging of my skin to get the shades on. Good cause that means I don't have to tug at my lids to get them on = no wrinkles!

I think u can tell how hard I was tugging on them right? Pls tell me u can. I actually left red marks behind lol. Pls don't do this to ur eyes LOL. U definitely need a good remover to remove this - preferably an oil-based one. 


I also got the Mamonde Big Eye Long & Curl Mascara. When I see a mascara with a name like this, I think, or rather, I expect a few things. I expect long = length, curl = my curls to hold so I put it to the test!

But first, let's talk about the brush. It is not your typical mascara brush, instead, it has tiny hard bristles and has a weird shape lol. It has almost like, 3 balls??? Like hourglass but extended. Omg am I even making sense here. I figured that would be good for grasping those tiny lashes. 


I always curl my lashes first before applying mascara. When I first applied, it went on nicely, and not clumpy. The brush, as expected, grabbed individual lashes well and coated them evenly. However, 2 seconds later, my curl did not hold at all and started drooping. This is a no from me because now, I have to re-curl it. I hate re-curling my lashes after applying mascara cause the clamping causes the lashes to stick together cause of the mascara and I was right. Can see how clumpy my lashes are after I re-curled. 

Still, to test it out, I continued and had no issues with my lower lashes. It totally darkened them and made them super long and nice. I don't think this gave me much volume and length was decent but nothing wowing. 

I also had to test if they flaked or smudged throughout the day, and if the curls stayed. I don't wear mascara without tightlining cause it just ties the look together so I decided to test out the three eye products together. 


I used the Easy Drawing Gel Liner and lined my eyes as per usual - I like lining from outer to half and leave my inner lids not lined cause my eyelids are tapered and this doesn't close up my eyes. Then I used the Super Longwear Auto Pencil Slim Liner to tightlined and curled my lashes after. 

This was taken at 145pm after I just finished applying everything so it looked good and fresh. I also did not set my undereyes (normally I set it with powder so it doesn't get oily) and only had sunscreen on so it wasn't completely matte. 

I also didn't wear a primer on my lids cause I wanted to see if my oily lids will result in transference of the gel liner. 


Updated pic at 345pm. It was a pretty hot day and this was only 2 hours later. Everything looked fresh and good still. Transference to bottom lids were also minimal and barely visible. 


4 hours later, I was still impressed. No flaking or budging of mascara, the tightline was still highly visible and my eyeliner was still intact. 


End of the night - a total of 7 hours later.

I think the gel liner disappeared a little at the edges and the mascara had very very minimal flaking - can u see the little black bits around the inner corner of my eyes. I was most highly impressed with the tightlining using the Super Longwear Auto Pencil Slim Liner. That did not move at all, did not transfer to the lower lids and stayed exactly the same. Omg my new HG - I can feel it alr.


This is the second mascara I received.Its called the Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara. I expect only volume from this just cause of the name so I tried it out!

The burns is also more typical of mascara brushes but its a very very thin one, almost as thin as the wand itself as u can see from the pics. 


Ok, I feel like my angling for this set of pics were slightly more off. Sorrrrrrry. Tbh, no volume leh? 

It did lengthen my lashes pretty well. However, the same thing, once I applied the mascara to my curled lashes, it started to de-curl again. I had to wait for the mascara to dry and curl my lashes. I feel like this achieved a more wispy effect due to the brush and also, at the same time, because of the brush, it wasn't able to achieve the volume I hoped for. 

Overall, I like the two liners but the mascaras left me feeling alil meh. I think there are better ones out there like my beloved Loreal Lash Paradise. Sad to say, I think the Western brands really know how to do mascaras be it lengthening or voluminizing kind and its smth the Asian brands still cannot achieve. WHY??? Idk tbh. 

But liners and shadows? Major yes. Those are awesome and fast track to becoming the ones I pick up daily already. WIN!