Mamonde Flower Pop Blusher - Swatches!


I received a sweet little package from Mamonde and one of the products that caught my eyes were the blushers! These are the Flower Pop Blushers and oh gosh, aren't these so pretty?

They remind me of the Milani Rose Blushers with the super pretty detailing and the transparent cover, but if I had such pretty rose petals detail, I wouldn't cover it up too haha


02 Rosy: matte light baby pink. Great for light-skinned tone girls. 

07 Rose Bay: neutral pink with a little mauve undertone and has a slight sheen (not chunky glitters - nothing overpowering). Good for most skin tones! Plus the sheen makes makes it great for bringing some pop to the skin esp. if the foundation is matte. 

08 Ginger: matte cool-toned brown. Perfect for contouring for fair to medium-fair skin tones.