Mamonde Cover Cushion Powder / Highlight Lip Tints - REVIEWS/SWATCHES

It's in pretty liquid consistency lmao. Where is this powder they are talking about right?? Okay, but I only kinda understood when I applied it.

Received a care package from Mamonde the other day and I haven't seen reviews of their foundation around so I shall do one for y'all! I've heard your cries about me leaning more towards skincare than makeup but you see, skincare is always my no. 1 and there are also a lot more makeup dayreans floating around haha okay, those are not excuses lah so here I am~

Let's get the lippies out of the way first yah?

The first two shades look v similar here but No. 6 Pin Spot is actually a shade or two darker irl, with a hint of pink in it.

I LOVE NO. 9. It's DAMN NICE and unique irl 😍 It's this warm terra-cotta brown. I can't describe it well but it's damn nice for realz. 

The last one is this beautiful beautiful classic red. Nothing to pick on that!

I applied it full to the top lip and gradient (messily applied) to the bottom lip. The lippies can be played around and worn how u like it. Can go from gradient lips in the day to full in the night! Super chio. 

How do u not love no. 9, guys. It's so nice. HAHA also just realize my alignment is sooooo off here. Sorry! 

Idk if u guys can tell but I applied the first one without a balm and the rest with balm. Can safely say it doesn't feel drying even without balm. 

It's just that I had to remove and reapply so many times which is why I slathered a balm on eventually. 

The colors are super vibrant, they wear really comfortably and dry down to a matte finish. These definitely do leave a light tint behind so if u r looking for easy, comfy lip products, these are so nice to use.

Featuring the Cover Cushion Powder! I was quite intrigued by the 'powder' and was expecting a really matte finish. I also thought it'd be some powder of sort but not really eh?

So the coverage is pretty high and I say that cause I BARELY dabbed my sponge with product and it covered everything I needed it to. 

The product feels like liquid when it comes into contact with your skin but once u start patting, it feels like powder?? Idk how to say but omg it is SO LIGHTWEIGHT. I forgot how light powder can feel sometimes HAHA but srsly, I barely had to use any at all. I would say the coverage is about a medium, for sure. 

It has a matte-satin finish; unlike regular BB Cushion that has more of a dewy finish. The blending was really easy and seamless - no problem with any streakiness or anything. 

The oil control was pretty amazing imo cause I was wearing some pretty heavy skincare beneath and it held on so well and nicely for about 7 hours. 

I think this came just in time cause Boston's getting warmer and I need products that are slightly more matte and last longer in heat.

Comparison between Mamonde, Laneige and Etude House. 

Both shade 21 and 23 works well for me since they are really close. Shade 23 is just slightly more yellow and 21 is a tad brighter. I would pick 23 cause it matches my neck better tbh. 

I know it seemed really dark here but it isn't?? It blends out sheer and evenly on the skin and it isn't as thick as it looks. But the coverage you're seeing is for realz 👌🏼