L'Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise - Review!

 The one everyone's excited about hahaha the rip-off from Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. 

The way they packaged this is also highly similar. Of course this is slightly cheaper-looking with printed words instead of embossed ones, and not as luxe when u hold it in ur hands but otherwise, everything seemed to look pretty close.

This is how the Too Faced one looks like with a close up on the bristles.

And the L'Oréal one! 

I would do a side-by-side comparison except I've already packed up my TooFaced BTS one into one of the many boxes so I can't 😂 Sozzzz. 

But omg lah damn similar. I can't. The bristles are fluffy and the brush is fat. As far as I can tell from pictures, they are basically the same. 

This is also non-WP and I hate non-WP mascaras. But my trick is to layer one layer of WP one over after I use any mascaras that are non-waterproof and it normally helps! Unless u start crying or bawling, this should help the mascara stay on ur lashes instead of all over ur undereye areas. 

Let's see how this works on ze eyes 👀


I always find eye shots v scary but here u go anyway. 

I usually curl my lashes and apply the mascara. Cause this isn't WP, it immediately started drooping but nothing major cause I just recurled and it stayed. I also threw on another layer of WP mascara just to hold it in place and make sure nth smudged. 

(I'm now walking around the house with one eye all mascara-ed up HAHAHA) 

These are bomb and extremely worth the YT-hype. I geddit now. It gave me volume and length immediately and wasn't too clumpy either (but I always use a clean spoolie to run thru anyways). I used a light layer by cleaning off a lot of the product so that also helps with clumping. Definitely goes a loooong way! Zomg okay lah, $8 super worth it sia. Highly comparable to TF BTS! Pls come up with a WP version cause I refuse to buy the TF BTS WP one. I feel like I'm speaking in some sort of code 😂

These lasted really well on me too - whole 9 hours without any smudging or flaking so yes, I am extremely pleased and impressed with it!