L'Oréal Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner - Electric Blue

Ok, first up, I found this picture off Pinterest but it doesn't link back to the original owner and if you know the owner to this swatch pic, do comment below! Thku!

Ok, yeah, when I saw this on Pinterest, I reaaaallllyyy wanted the electric blue one in the middle. I love colored liners but I prefer felt tip brushes and i don't think theres any drugstore brands that does them this way. NYX has the colored liners in the other applicator with the brush but I really find control is better with felt tip liners. 

I was so happy that Walgreens still have Electric Blue (302) in stock!! This was one of the shades I wanted to try - aside from the light blue, turquoise and white one. Idk any of the names tbh haha

It's SO FINE! Look at that tiny heart I managed to draw on. The brush was relatively firm and I like that. Pls don't bend overtime. 

I have been seeing peachy looks with electric blue liners and I know I gotta try it. 

So anyw, I used the Kylie's palette for this look since it's the palette with the most peachy shades I own and I LUV IT. The camera is not picking up the shades properly but it's really so much prettier irl. The royal blue brings out the brown a lot more and it's sooo pretty lah omg. 

The blue is highly stunning against the peach and I cant wait to match this look out properly soon!