Lash Up Lash Bomb Tonic Review / Diamond Mega Volume Lash


I tried out the Lash Bomb Tonic, self-formulated by Lash Up (IG@/lashup_sg) and it’s super fucking wow. The above is before and below is after just 2 weeks! My lash line is SO dark now, I don’t even need to tightline. My lashes are so full leh wtf is this


I started on the Lash UP’s self-formulated lash tonic for 2-3 months for this image. I applied daily for first month and then alternate from then onwards!

Not only are my lashes longer, they are darker and thicker as well! Best part was no stinging at all.


Top: Diamond Lash
Bottom: Diamond Mega Volume

Have a lot of birthdays this month so I decided to go back to extensions. I miss it SO MUCH.
I did the mega volume which is their new lash and this is THICK but still wispy??


Look at this volume!!

Imo, it’s a lot and not suitable if you’re working in office unless u for a shorter length. Mine ranged from 11-14mm! So far, I’ve tried all of Lash Up’s lashes and by far my favorite is still Diamond lash!