Lash Lift/Tint at LASH UP!


Since I’m home so much these days, I decided to give my lashes a rest before the festive season begins, and go for a lift and tint instead. LashUp did such a good job with Gillian that I immediately texted Sammie and asked for it! 

Can u see the hint of my lashes beneath my crazy bangs? I am in love. 


I was extremely horrible last month and I plucked so many of my extensions off my left side. I spammed the lash serum (u can get it from Lash Up IG @/lashup_sg) and thank goodness for it cause I am not botak yet ok. 

I sumpa I plucked off at least 10 lashes on my own. Pls don’t do that k. It’s damn bad. I have very itchy hands this month cause the husband is not around to distract me LOL #excuses

My right hand side damn full and thick still tho!!! This serum is my HG.


My natural lashes are very straight. I’m blessed with long lashes (thank u, papa) but very straight. 

And look at HOW NICE AND CURLED it is after the lash lift 😍😍😍 This is the side I plucked somemore okay. I’m spamming the serum so hopefully, I can show u guys an even better and significant difference next month! I’m mentally channeling positive thoughts to my left eye’s lashes #growgrowgrow

Some notes on lash lift/tint if you guys are wondering ⤵️

Lash Lift / Tint 

• lash lift lasts ~4-6 week s
• a lift takes about 1h15mins and tint is additional 15 mins
• thicker/longer lashes might not last as long as normal lashes due to the weight, so it straightens out a little faster (I heard it lasts longer with the lash coat, also available at Lash Up, but I’ll let u guys know after I tried it out!) 
• if you have thicker lash, U can do it once every 4-5 weeks but if you have weaker lash, then once every 6 weeks is advised
• tinting can lasts up to 2 weeks! 

• tinting is also doable for lower lashes - PROVIDED that there’s actual lashes to do so and that they are not pointing upwards
• chemical content in a lash lift is lower than that of a lash perm and therefore, it’s less drying. 
• there’s also NO heat involved! Just a silicone roll with a soft of fixing solution to curl the lashes upwards
• roll comes in S, M, L and most lashes uses the S size. I have slightly longer lashes so Sammie used M for me!


I did lower extensions as well and they are so cute omg. But it’s best if u happen to wear contact lens for that cause it will help with smarting. The tears will wash out adhesives so no point lah haha

I feel like lower lash extensions are purely for fun. Of course, they don’t last as long and it’s good if u have a major event and do it right before that! It makes my eyes super round and emphasized it a lot more, I feel.