Tips/Tricks for Lash Extensions + Jovisa Lash Serum!


It’s not super obvious here but after 5 weeks, my lashes are still damn nice. It has shedded, obviously, over time but it just became very natural extensions. I like to go for voluminous set HAHA and torture Cassey, my poor lash tech. She always so patient with my eyes 😭🙏🏼

Anyw, for my last set, I actually skipped the serum (cause lazy) and only started applying them a week (nightly) before going for my new set. Could see a difference cause I somemore itchy hands, plucked out some that were all twisted. 

Told myself that I’d be more disciplined this time round and applied my serum nightly to strengthen my lashes and I really saw a difference. I really swear by my Jovisa lash serum from Lash Up! So here’s some pics, of course.


Now can y’all see why I swear by it. Just 21 nights of daily application, my lashes, especially around the front is much fuller. That annoying gap I had (cause I went to pluck) is gone cause new lash has grown out. HAPPY. The top image was taken in June after I removed the last set and the bottom taken just last week before I had these new set in!

I really really sumpa by this lash serum from Lash Up. I’ve used quite a few before (rmbr Foltene???) and I’ve never had one that worked so well.


I mentioned on IG this and I thought I’d add it in here since it’s so apt! My lashes always last me 4-6 weeks and these are some tips and tricks to lengthen the lifespan of them. 

Of course, how healthy your own lashes are will also determine the life span of extensions. If you have weak lashes, then they are gonna fall off with the extensions no matter what lah. 

 tips for lash extensions! 

1. Use a lash serum. 

Using a lash serum ultimately is the foundation (imo). It strengthens your own lashes which allows the extensions to have smth to ‘hold on to’ and if your lashes don’t fall off cause they are weak, your extensions shouldn’t too - ESPECIALLY if the lash place uses good quality and gentle glue. The glue is NOT suppose to sting or hurt your eye badly. That doesn’t mean the glue is very strong ok. Pls. Don’t harm your eyes that way. 

2. Don’t touch your lashes immediately after it’s done

I get the thrill of stroking or checking newly-attached extensions but the glue is not completely dried down till 4-6 hours. If you prod, poke, stroke or flip your lids to check the lashes, it just messes up the extensions and the way they are supposed to sit. If your lashes don’t sit properly and get messed up, then it will dry that way and won’t last as long. So hands off!

Anyw, it’s just better, in general, not to touch your eye area as much! Wrinkles ok!!! Tugging at your kids, or pulling at them will cause the skin to stretch over time. Remember that the skin around your eyes are the thinnest and most prone to early-age wrinkles. 

3. Washing face/bathing immediately or between 4-6 hours after your extensions are done

Again, the glue hasn’t set so give it 6 hours. I always wash my face in the shower and never had the need to avoid water touching any of the area etc. The really old-school extensions always had me so worried I can’t wash my face but nowadays, with improvement in the quality of the glue, you can just wash your face! I use my fingers to lightly wash my under eye and eyelid areas. 

4. No oil-based makeup removal

I use micellar water cause oil cleansers are not my favorite. Plus without the need to use waterproof mascara, I don’t have the need to use any oil?? If you use mascara, simply use a cotton bud with micellar water to make sure the smaller areas you can’t reach with a cotton pad is clean! 

5. Brush with a clean spoolie after you wash your face

While waiting for my acids to work, I normally use this time to pluck my eyebrows, apply my lash serum and of course, use a CLEAN spoolie to run through and comb my lashes out. Just comb thru them gently and neaten them. That’s all! Super simple! I use a spoolie at the end of my eyebrow pencil. 

6. Don’t pluck off your own extensions

I know the temptation and I’ve done it once or twice 🙊🙊🙊 myself when you see a lash flip opposite or just itchy hands lah??? But if you’ve a habit of doing that, pls stop!!! This is one of the worst thing to do. You are literally pulling off your own lashes and pls, it’s damn hard to grow lashes back one leh. 

If you don’t intend to refresh your set of lashes, just head to a proper place to remove them. Lash Up does removal at $8 if your previous set was done by them. Just think of it as a treat for your eyelashes LOL.


HAHAHAHAHAHAH this picture cracks me up. It’s my left and right eye respectively lol. 

So my lashes are 2 weeks old and you can tell they are still PWEEETTY. But there was one obvious gap that was killing the OCD in me so I got myself a quick touch up. I’ve been using the lash serum from Lash Up alternate nights for 7 days and look at the insane spots that have grown. It’s damn crazy. They were pushing all the extensions out.