Lash Up Feather Lashes - Cat-eye vs Dolly style

My last proper appt with Lash Up was 30 Apr leh omfg. I went for a quick touch up on the 16 May cause I had an event and there was a gap that I was OCD about and I finally went back for a proper appointment on the 7th. I STILL HAVE LASHES LEH hahahaha like they are all sparse and whatnot alr but omg I legit still have extensions on me.


The original set was from 30 April. I texted Sammie and told her I officially crossed over to the looking-insane line HAHAHAHA

Plus I never really realized how thick my brows looked without lashes. They just complement each other lah.


I went for a different look this time! 

I’ve always preferred the cat-eye (too) where the ends are longer but decided to change it up and go for the more dolly look so the middle is longer (bottom)! My eyes are super round looking now, I feel haha


The cat-eye one is great for elongating the shape of your eyes and the dolly one is very opening! It gives the illusion your eyes are rounded. I went for the feather lashes again so this image shows feather lashes in cat-eye and feather lashes in dolly!