Lash up - Feather Lashes v.s. Camellia Lashes


Went to get my lashes done after ~5 weeks! Lash Up (IG @/lashup_sg) brought in feather lashes and I was so excited to try them after seeing their instastories of different customers for so many weeks lol. 

Camellia lashes consist of a variety of mixed lengths (7/9/11mm or 8/10/12mm) and when u see them in a stalk, there is different lengths. 

Feather lashes consist of stalks all of the same length. And it’s extremely light,so even people with weak /sparse lashes are able to do. They come in 3D/6D/9D - 3 strands to a stalk, 6 strands to a stalk, 9 strands to a stalk. Approximately 400/700/1000 respectively!


Just to show u all a comparison! Camellia is more ‘qiao’ (curled) but u can see there’s almost no difference in volume. I did the Feather lashes in 9D and the Camellia one is in Royal! 

I personally feel that the feather set feels significantly lighter. Like I have 1000 lashes on me and it felt like NTH. I was quite amazed.


A frontal comparison! It’s less clumpy and more wispy! 

Camellia set starts from $88 and Feather one starts from $108.


See! Even some of u were telling me it looks really different. My husband say my eyes like bigger LOL

For the entire month of May, Lash Up is having a promo! Make a booking together with a friend and enjoy $8 off for both parties! Promo is for camellia & feather lash only. (Strictly for appointments between 2/3/4pm). Eligible for new and existing customers okay! So grab a friend and go make yourselves pretty pretty (like, even more pretty lah) together! 👯‍♀️


Barefaced cause I was too exhausted to put on makeup but don’t lashes make such a difference. My life is really forever changed cause of my SIL. Idk how to live without extensions anymore. She likes Lash Up so much, she has a package with them ok.