CNY lashes!

Got my CNY lashes done and went alil lighter this time round! I LOVE IT? I don’t look as drama and just cleaner which is fine by me cause I go and teach on most days lol. Lash Up always come through and give me beautiful eyes 👀 XXN


I’m still using the Camelia lashes and I went for an even longer length this time, but retaining the cat eye shape. So my length is 7-13mm in B curls! 

Sammie asked if I wanted to try lower lash extensions and I was like, whut even?? There’s such a thing??? Im game to try anything beauty-related so I went ahead and told them to do what they want. HAHA


The difference between the style I went for the last time vs this time round! 

It’s definitely less dramatic and waaaaay more wispy. I freaking love it. Except now it hits my spectacle lens really badly like windshield wiper. 

Also, I’ve been wearing tape for the past week. It’s not that my lids suddenly become parallel k lol. 

The bottom lashes extensions are 1-1 so 1 extension to 1 real lash. I opened my eyes for her to do it and it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it’d be. Cassey is crazy skillful and it takes her mere seconds to apply. So every time she reaches for another extensions, I get to blink per normal hahaha

However, cause they are 1-1, they really are not gonna be lasting. I alr had a couple of strands fall off so it’s more of a novelty, I feel.


Update on my brows! They have healed naturally and are looking mighty fine lah. Damn easy to maintain, the shade also v natural and I just pluck strays only these days. I did a post here on them so u can read my embroidery process there.

For the brow embroidery + free lash extension package, if you’re upgrading to camellia lashes (which I highly recommend!!), pls inform Lash Up early so they can prep for it k. The time to apply single lash and camelia lashes are also diff.