Lash Up (Lift/Tint Round 2!) + Lash Serum!


So it has been two months and i went back for another round of lift/tint! I wanna give my lashes 2 months break before doing extensions for all the festive periods again. I also wanted to show u all results from SPAMMING the lash serum (AVAILABLE AT LASH UP IG @/lashup_sg) 

One bottle can last v long but efficacy will start to decrease ~2-3 months after opening the bottle. 

I am not using mascara in the above picture and it’s au naturale lol lemme show u guys more results!


This lash serum is my HG. I cannot live without it. I use it daily, 2x a day to see the results (below) so please be patient ok. It’s like skincare and there’s a turnover period so don’t expect a miracle from one week of use. Be patient and hardworking confirm can see results one! 


My lashes are not only fuller and thicker, they are also longer. This pic actually cannot see v well, but.......



Both are taken after a lash lift and tint and this picture damn obvious my lashes have grown fuller and longer 😍😍😍

Wah damn love. I also did a different lower extensions if y’all realize. The top one is shorter lashes but thicker and the bottom pic is more sparse but longer extensions. Haha just for fun lah.