Made a visit to Sammie at Lash Up to fix my browwwwws. I have been waiting for this since before the wedding leh! But cause it will scab, I had to wait till after. Made an appointment ASAP to fix them! 

I’ve always had a kinda-love-HATE-r/s with my brows. No love. Just pure hate. I had monobrows when I was a kid and my brow hairs have always been coarse and black. 

When I was a teenager and had to attend my cousin’s wedding, one of the hired makeup artist WIPED MY BROWS OFF. 

Like, she gave me those 90s-in-fashion thin thin brows. It was just downhill from then onwards cause I had to grow it out but I couldn’t get them to shape properly. Doesn’t help that my brow bones are uneven and my brows just cannot grow properly?! Fml. 

I had my very first embroidery done at Erabelle 4 years ago. They were like the pioneer at that time and kinda the only few places doing it. I just went ahead with them and paid a bomb lah pls. 

My embroidery faded soon after and my brows went OOC again 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love how dark and thick my brows are but I hate how I can’t control them at all. It’s really a very tedious process with them. 

So after seeing Sammie do a customer’s brows when I was there getting my lashes done for the first time, I really wanted to get them done again. Plus they look really really nice? I was damn sold.


Also she has the most niap Pom that just SAT WITH ME and let me squish her like a loaf of chocolate bread. Paris did went slightly nuts when I got home hahahaha

(Speaking of which, I want to do a full post on Paris cause hello, have u met my chouchou baby. Soon okay, soon. You all will love her. Unless you hate dogs LOL)


So my original brows were...present but kinda unruly and idk what life they have on their own k. 

Sammie drew out the shape that suits my face and then pick a color. I have very black brow hair but instead of going with black, which I feel would be too strong, we went with a really dark brown which I felt suit very well. 

Then she microbladed strokes on. If you choose just Classic, then that’s basically how it would look like - with more strokes lah obviously haha 

Advanced microblading uses 2 different blades. Stroke & misty technique which creates a powdery effect over the strokes. It really made my brows look fuller! 

The whole thing took only about 2.5 hours? I personally have a very high tolerance of pain so that was not an issue for me. Sammie did apply 25 mins of numbing cream so I’m pretty sure that helped too. 

What I liked was that the after had no redness (for me) at all. I somemore did threading around the area leh! When I did my brows at Erabelle, my entire brow area was legit red for the entire night. 

She advised me to keep the area dry and not wash/wipe/rub with cleanser, which is fine with me. I always wash around my eye area gently too so it doesn’t affect me. As cleansers deep cleanse, they will flush out the pigments if your brows are not fully healed yet. Water getting to brows is fine, just gently dab with towel/tissue

I also use an oil blotter and gently dab the area mid day to remove the excess oil (at least for the first few days of microblading) to keep them dry and clean.

She also provided a healing ointment that contains Vit A & E to help speed up healing process cause the brows will scab. The faster it heals, the better the pigments are locked in. 

Current promo for advanced microblading services - $399 (+ 1 free touch up within 3 months) and subsequent touch up at $150/session.

She also extended her promo of free natural korean single lash set extensions (worth $48). U can upgrade to other sets (e.g. camellia lashes) with a top-up. #Dayrebeauty, this promo really worth it leh, I feel. If u never do lash extensions before, can just take the opportunity to try?? 

I’ve written about Lash Up extensions here @sweetpea:060118 and here @sweetpea:111217 so you can go read about it! If you’re interested, can quote ‘SWEETPEA’ to get $5 off k! 

I swear by the Jovisa Lash Tonic she sells cause it’s the BEST SHIT EVER. I sumpa okay. My lashes are so strong and so healthy that it falls off so much lesser than even before I had on extensions. Good ingredients and proven results! Just go check out the above posts I linked 😊

Check out their IG at



Oh I wanted to show y’all how the wedding set is doing. This is taken a full 14 days after okay. It’s alil messy cause my lashes are growing rapidly and pushing the extensions out. Can’t wait for my touchup so I can have pretty VDAY/BDAY/CNY lashes lol.


These were how they look the next day! No redness or anything, super ready to go?? I love it. My entire eye area makeup time is cut down by so much HAHAHAHA