Lash Lab / Miamorlashes / Lash Up (Lash Extensions) In-depth Reviews!

Posted some extensions videos on IG stories a few days ago and received a couple of DMs telling me you all can’t wait so I thought I’d quickly post this up! Christmas, New Year, Vday & CNY - perfect reasons to get brand new extensions or try them. 

I never thought I’d say this but fuck lah, I’m damn addicted. I really blame my SIL leh. When I first agreed to go try it out when she wanted to re-do hers in KL, she went ,’Good luck to you lol.’ 

I didn’t believe her initially but this is my third set this year alr. 

I’ve dayred about it all three times so I’m just gonna be doing a short review/comparison today and just to be clear, my last session was sponsored by LashUp but the same goes for my all my reviews - sponsored or not sponsored - I will be very honest for all of them and I don’t have any intentions to change. I always make this clear to brands I’m working with and I’m really lucky to have met brands that are very agreeable on this specific principle I maintain on.

 Lash Lab (KL Bangsar) 

When I first went to Lash Lab, I have NEVER tried extensions in my life before so I was really tentative about all the decisions I needed to make. There’s a lot of terms I didn’t really get?? I went with single 1-1 lashes so they are just...long. There wasn’t any significant increase in volume just cause it’s 1-1. 1-1 typically means 1 strand of lash extension on one of your natural lash. I’ll try to clarify the terms as I go along.

I believe the length was 12mm and in C curl.


I really liked the natural look but it dropped off damn fast lah - just cause it’s 1-1. My SIL did regular 3-1 and hers lasted for 3-4 weeks so it’s not the quality of the glue or skills. 

The technician did tell me that because mine is 1-1, they are gonna fall off super quick and they all kinda did after 2 weeks. 

I was very impressed with my SIL one tho cause they still looked good after so many weeks. My technician was very gentle and I fell asleep throughout the entire session. Not to mention the cost after conversion was tempting to the max. I can’t recall how much I paid but it was less than SGD100. 

If I go back to KL and I want new lashes, I definitely will go back and try cause I have more experience and understanding now of what I like and what to choose. 


This came recommended by Flo after she was invited to try them out so after seeing her lashes a couple of times, I decided to try again cause I was going overseas and they are damn time-saving for real. 

Miamorlashes is solely owned by one owner if I’m not wrong and she is located at Novena Medical Centre. One downside is she’s really quite busy and it’s hard to get a hold of her unless u make ur appointment early. She’s also very nice to talk to so I chatted with her the entire time. 

Since it was only my 2nd time, I still felt quite unsure so I left it up to her mostly. I did choose the eye shape I want (cat eye) and I left her the decision to pick the length and curl of the lashes.


(Typo: below pic is taken in Nov) 
Similar to my 1st time, the entire thing took about 2 hours. The only downside is really omg her glue is SO strong. You can see how red my eyes are and they remained really painful/stingy after 3 days. I couldn’t even wear my contact lens cause they really stung so bad. I don’t really have sensitive eyes or eye areas so it’s really the glue. 

However, the lashes were really pretty. I did them in a hybrid of 10/11/12mm at the ends to give me a cat-eye effect. 

As u can see, there weren’t much left after a month, as expected. I could shower and wash my face per normal as the glue is water-friendly. I was just told not to let it get in contact with products containing glycol. 

I really liked this set and since I haven’t tried any other place, I was prepared to go back to her just before the wedding. I wasn’t intending to get them done for Christmas or New Year cause of how painful it was for me. 

 Lash Up 

Was invited down to Lash Up by 老板娘 Sammie. Coincidentally, she’s also a Neo and a Feb baby. Lol. 

The technician in charge of lashes is Cassey and Sammie does brow embroidery. I’m DAMN interested in the embroidery btw cause I first-hand saw her work on this lady who was in there and it looks DAMN BOMB. Later I show y’all pics.


As I have leftover lashes from the last time, Cassey removed them and I swear I was terrified I won’t have any lashes left LOL it’s a true fear okay, as superficial as it sounds. 

But as u can see, my straight-ass lashes were nicely intact and still going v strong! 

This time, I went abit bolder. I have to try out diff styles before wedding right. It’s a legit reason cause later pics turn out not nice mah.


Super va-vavoom 有没有?

Lash Up has both single lashes and camellia lashes and single lashes are done strand by strand and ranges from 0.1-0.2mm in thickness whereas camellia lashes are done by stalks of lashes which creates a blooming effect. 

A strand of camellia is very light from 0.05mm-0.07mm in thickness which is why if it is done using a stalk, it still weighs the same as a single strand.


If you’re new to extensions and have no clue what the terms meant, then I hope this pic helps. Single strand is literally sticking one lash on, strand by strand. 

Camellia is the one u see at the bottom where it’s 3 spread-out lashes to form one stalk where it will be stuck on 1 strand of your own lash. 

For camellia lashes, they have the basic set (natural looking), classic set and the royal set being the most voluminous set. I did the royal set in 7-12mm for length and in B curl!


I was also kindly given two lash-care products - one lash coat that can be used in the day just to keep my lashes in place if necessary, as they grow out. It is easily washed off by water so it’s suitable for use with extensions. 

The second one which I’m most excited about is the lash serum. Im not a lash-extension expert so this is just info provided to me. This brand is apparently a known brand in the extensions-world and is manufactured in San Fran (as stated on package) 

It’s a Taiwan-product and the active ingredient is actually Ginseng extract, followed by a couple of others. Very clean simple ingredients! 

It’s to be used daily, yes, even with extensions on and you just apply it to the roots of your lashes. What it does is just take care of ur lashes and strengthen them. Extensions are lashes placed on top of your original lashes so the healthier your own lashes are, the more the technician can work with and the better your lashes will last. 

As for how they work, I’ll be doing a before/after review of both the longevity of the lashes and the efficacy of this product in about a month? I took all my Before shots already so I should have a good comparison by then! 

Korean single lashes:
- natural set $48
- classic set $78
- volume set $98

Camellia lashes
- basic set $88
- classic set $108
- volume set $138

This is the price list I was provided with. But for my readers, if u can’t wait to try, can enjoy $5 off for all sets excluding the natural single lash ($48). Quote ‘sweetpea’! 

The lash tonic/serum is $75 and the lash coating is $38 but if you quote ‘Sweetpea’, you can get 10% off! Obviously it’s a one-time promo so if you’re looking to try at this time, take the chance~


A quick comparison. The one from Lash Up is taken immediately after Cassey finished my lashes and you can tell the diff from Miamor! The glue they used is definitely much better for my eyes and I was so surprised cause I was expecting it to sting and get red. I even brought along my contact lens case, in case my eyes hurt lah. But no redness, no pain and no sensitivity. 

I’ll be back soon with before/after pics of how the lashes last and how the lash tonic performs since I’m using it every night. But for now, I love this set. Surprisingly, when I showed my husband all three pics, he picked this last one out and went, ‘Oh I really like this!’ Lol.


I was there when Sammie was working on this featured customer and omg I WANNA DO ALSO??? 

Plus hello, look at that promo pricing for embroidery + touch-up AND free try-out for extensions. It’s DAMN worth it?? I asked her about it after cause I’m really looking to get my brows redone. 

I mentioned it awhile ago but the last time I did brow embroidery was 4 years ago and everything faded alr lah. Also, I had them done at Erabelle so it was freaking expensive ok. Plus Sammie does both stroke and mist and it freaking looks damn nice fml. 

She advised me to do after wedding tho cause will scab so must listen to professional haha I’m really damn excited cause it looks damn nice and natural.