La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur

So...I was reading about this from Refinery29 (my guilty pleasure) and uhmagawd, a quick Google search and I was off to CVS. I tell u, makeup might be the only thing to get me off my ass that quick. 

What really caught my eye was the nude and white packaging. So clean and minimalistic! i love ma a pretty packaging.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.00.41 PM.png

This is the Effaclar BB Blur in shade Light/Fair.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.00.49 PM.png

This has a mousse texture - very light and fluffy. I was quite hesitant on the color but more on that later. 

So after blending it out, I was worried about emphasis on dry patches cause it has a very matte finish.

When I swatch foundation, or any base at the back of my hand, it tends to sink into the v fine lines. Buuuut, after blending this in, my hand looks v filtered. Like, the fine lines on it disappeared under the BB cream!

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.01.03 PM.png

So this is what on the box. It claims to do - blurs pores and keep skin matte. 

There is supposedly an ingredient called Airlicium (I believe LRP dubbed it this cause I couldn't find any info on this particular ingredient), which actively absorbs oil throughout. 

There were only two shades available - Fair/Light & Light/Medium, which means darker shades girls can forget about this.

I couldn't find a tester for Light/Medium so I am not sure how it looks like. But Fair/Light blended out to be quite neutral - not too pink, not too yellow.

Put it to test today! I applied if on top of my sunblock and primer. I used a wet beauty blender and then a RT buffing brush.

Initial thought: OMG I'm gonna hate this. It was sitting on top of my primer and was emphasizing my dry areas on my cheeks. But I took a leap of faith and went ahead with my entire face - contour/highlight/blush

The shade blended out to match my neck really well. It covered up redness easily, which is always a plus point imo cause my skin gets red super quick. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.01.52 PM.png

For the first 30 minutes, I kept checking my mirror because I was pretty sure the whole world can spot the dryness on my cheeks. 

I was very devastated cause I really want to like this BB cream. 

However, after an hour or so, I realized some of my oil is coming thru and the after effect is beautiful! My skin looks airbrushed, but it doesn't feel heavy at all. I am so glad I gave it a chance!

After 7-hour wear, I definitely felt slightly oily compared to the beginning. My oil definitely started coming through after the 5th hour mark.

There's definitely more shine around my tzone, and that's usual for me cause I always get oily there. My cheek areas look pretty amazing still, I must say. 

The bb cream advertises itself as a matte based, and will supposedly keep u 3x more matte (than ur regular foundation, I suppose). However, I do think there are better oil-control products out there.

However, I must say I am really liking how this feels and looks; especially after the bb cream had time to set and mix in with my natural oils. 

Overall, this is a win. Might bring it back to Singapore to test its longevity under humidity! 


I re-fell in love with the La Roche Posay B.B. Blur okay!!!! And I think I did the last review w/o any before/after pics so I thought I’d do a proper one this time! 

The B.B. Blur was my fave for awhile when we were living in the States but it got kinda drying for me in there. So I dug it out and used it again cause I didn’t want anything too heavy and this one has a light moussy texture.


Ok I realized the after is slightly patchy here and I didn’t blend it out properly lol sorry but I’ll show u another in a sec. 

Anyws, this completely eradicated my redness with a light layer and brighten my skin. Also really blurred out my pores!


I completed my makeup fully in the before with concealer, setting powder and blush and the base has more or less settled. Isn’t the finish SO NICE? No filter okay. All are done using my back camera. 

This has a pretty matte finish compared to the Canmake one. It has pretty decent oil control as well. 

Idk if this is available in SG cause I got this in the US and I think also only got two shades.