KylieCosmetics The Royal Peach Palette

Yay! This made it to my mailbox before the move. Firstly, this is my first Kylie eyeshadow palette so I have no clue how it's gonna perform. Shipping was pretty efficient, despite Monday being a holiday, it reached me within the week still. 

The packaging is okay and just plasticky? The rose gold logo is super pretty tho and her eyes really quite nice. It doesn't feel like anything special lah. 

Y SMELL LIKE PAINT? Like, I'm talking industrial building paint?? Wtf?? That's damn turn off cause it's so strong. Even the husband asked about it. Idgi. Kylie, whatchu use in ur palette.

Secondly, the brush, despite what many youtubers who got sent the PR package reviewed, is not soft or v useful. It is in fact, rather scratchy. Like, my ABH Renaissance was soft. This is horribly painful.

The colors are really pretty tho. She made the entire swatching process on her Snapchat seemed like such an ease, right?? I hope it's true or I'll be v displeased cause this isn't cheap.

Everything was definitely not as swatchable as she snapped. 🙄 I have no complains about payoff cause look at how rich the colors are. But they are rather dry and I have to swatch over multiple times and yes, definitely use a primer. They blend okay-ish with my fingers but I haven't tried it with brushes yet. 

I really don't like Sorbet. And it's a personal thing cause this shade of peach makes me look super dooper washed out. It's really light and pale and urge, I don't like this shade.

Seashell is right up my alley. Peachy pink metallic shade. Peachy is a straight-up matte coral and Royal needs no further description right. Queen Bee, oddly, does remind me of Beyoncé and her hair and Duke's pretty much the shiny sister of Peachy!

Duchess is my favourite out of all the metallic shades. It's this rich foil metallic bronze shade that's soooooo nice omg. Mojito is really fun green and North Star is also a very shimmery lilac. These would make super awesome lid colors on lazy days~

I was thinking Sandy would be a good crease shade but its quite dark tbh. Must go with a light hand. Crush has a more pink undertone to it and Cinnamon is a pretty matte brown that probably looks good on outercorners or under lower lids!

They are all pretty true to the pan but I really can't get over the smell! I mean, they dissipate after a while but srsly, why tho?? Overall, I really like the variety of shades in this palette, which is the main reason I chose it over the TooFaced Peach Palette. I can't wait to try diff looks with this and see what I can come up with!

I wished it had a bigger variety of shades or just, more discernible difference in tones and shades. Like, if there was a highlight shade, it'd be even better!