Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Mini Lip Kit

Finally! I couldn't help but got excited cause first time trying! My expectations have been raised really high so I was dying to get into them heh heh

These are 0.02 oz/0.65 ml and are actually very little compared to other minis out there! I thought they'd be at least on par with CP but nope. 

(CP minis: 0.035 oz/1.0 ml
ABH minis: 0.07 oz/2.0 ml
KVD minis: 0.10 oz/3.0 ml
Jouer minis: 0.135 oz/4.0 ml)

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.34.58 AM.png

But I was really okay with paying that $36 for 6 shades than just 2 shades. I go for quantity apparently HAHAH wtf  

Everything went on beautifully except for Vixen and as u can see, it's super patchy and streaky. I wasn't too worried cause I thought a little lip balm conditioning my lips would definitely help it go on smoother. (Boy, did I thought wrong) 

They look really meh as swatches and just, normal, but the shades, esp. the first 4 are really beautiful leh.

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.35.07 AM.png

Idk why Moon is appearing so patchy cause I swear it isn't irl. All the shades went on so well except Vixen. I tried with lip balm on and it didn't work or help and I tried without and it didn't work too. Super streaky on me! ☹️ It's the shade lah. Dark shades are hard to formulate. And plus TBH, aside from Halloween or smth scary, I won't be wearing vixen out anytime soon. It appeared almost black on me. 

My fave? Ginger. I love love love, freaking love Ginger. 

I have been trying to 'recreate' it with whatever lippies I have from mixing brown, peach, pink and all but no-go. So my next go-to was to look for dupes and nope, nothing came close. I own a few supposed dupes but Ginger is just, special. 

Oh Kristen is super stunning too. Angel looks like a lot of shades I own, a MLBB shade so that's pretty but nth special. Love Bite, unlike CP Lovebite, is a real love-bite shade HAHAHAHA It really looks like a hickey?! I think it's a cool shade for winter!

These are super lightweight, pigmented and apply super well! The scent is similar to apparently, a lot of my other liquid lipsticks, the Jouer ones, NYX SMLC, all sweet scented lah. But omg nth beats the ABH one. That ones like a vanilla ice-cream stuffed into a tube. Damn strong. 

Overall, I love these! Idk if I will camp and get her new full-sized shades but if she continue her minis, I will def get them if I see shades I like