Jordana Made To Last Eyeshadow Collection - O4 Mint Condition

Got this little cute palette and is it odd that Primark in Boston has one of the better stocked Jordana shelf. Why ah. It's about ~$7 I think, which is so decent for a palette?

Anyws, there's 4 different ones available in Primark and I picked the one with the freaking weirdest shades just cause I was attracted to that green. 

1. Matte bone-white shade - very chalky and powdery! But would do well for browbone highlight.
2. Matte teal-jade green - more pigmented than I expected but kinda chalky too. Blends well tho. 
3. Shimmer bronze - this swatched really nicely and is the best one out of the lot in terms of quality, I feel

4. Satin-y champagne - very natural shade and I would throw this on on lazy days but still wanna look like I tried and just to even out my lids' discoloration haha
5. Satin-y peach - the color we have seen appear on every palette released last year probably
6. Matte dark brown - this shade is yummy and the pigmentation is the best. But blending was pretty tough with this so I will probably only use it on outer corners to darken 'em 

For like, $7, I think this is a very, very decent palette that gives u a range of shades. They included a light and dark one and YES, TYVM. Kylie's Royal Peach is $45 and doesn't even come with these basic two 🙄 

Pigmentation is also okay?? I was expecting it to be so shit but imma go check out the other 3 when I gin back!