Innisfree 2019 Limited Edition Jeju Color Picker - swatches and review


Received a beautiful package by Innisfree with their 2019 Jeju Color picker inspired by the night skies of Saebyul Oreum! I love love love the stunning package. Now diving in to the products!


I believe they launched 3 of these and I am using this midnight teal blue with micro glitter and its stunning! Not too dark but still makes my hand looks fair haha Its retailing for $4. I used about 3 coats to get even coverage. What I liked was removal wasn’t hard even with glitter cause we all know how glitter can be a bitch to remove!


This is the Liquid Shadow in 01 (the coral shade) and 04 (the dark purple) and these are retailing for $16!

The product doesn’t dry quick so u get time to blend, but the more u blend, the more th color disappears and leaves you with more glitter than shade. So I would say pat it on and leave it to dry if u want full pigment but that might take a while.

The purple one (04) looks like a deep chocolate brown but it has holographic purple glitter in it whilst the peach one (01) leaves more of a nudish champagne sheen. During blending process, glitter will transfer but its fine once it dries down.

With the number of glitter shadows in the market, this isn’t my fave.


This is the Vivid Shine Tint (02) and is retailing for $16.

IMO, this is another miss. I took this picture blurry for a reason because its the only way u can see the gold glitter bits in the product. I love the shade - its a bright coral that should look GORGEOUS blended out or used on its own. It has that cherry-bitten lips. BUT, i’ve never been a fan of glitter in my lip products so this was a miss in my books.


The last product I got was the Jelly Cheek (01) and it retails for $16 as well

The shade is really similar to the lip tint. i love that it comes with a built-in sponge which makes this awesome for traveling and because of the jelly texture, it blends so easy with fingers as tools. The jelly texture also means this product will melt into your skin as to just sitting on top like powder would. I really love this beautiful skin-like flush it gives, especially if you are warm-toned, this would mimic a flush very nicely. I love this!

And thats it for this collection!