Innisfree My Foundation (2.3/N22) + My To Go Cushion (2.2/N22) Review!


Attended the Innisfree new foundation launch and I found the concept so delightful. I love it. 

There are 10 available shades which is pretty wide! 

The bottle has numbers indicated on the front and that’s not the shade so don’t get confused k. 

The first number stands for moisture and second number stands for coverage. 

1: Matte
2. Satin-matte
3. Glowy

1: Low
3: Medium
5. High

I don’t like too glowy products cause later like disco ball but neither do I like too dry ones cause my skin is naturally drier now and matte ones just feel way too drying. The coverage i like is low-med so it’s number 3 for me!


Super wow isn’t it? I feel like it is. Especially as I applied it. It feels very lightweight and it blended so well. Coverage was pretty bomb imo without the heavy feeling. Covered up my redness and color matched was great.

Buuuuuut, it didn’t last as long as I hoped for. I mean, after 6 hours, the finish was still nice and I still looked pretty decent, but my oil was definitely coming through and needed a blot. 

I would wear this for a special event that’s gonna just be a few hours, that kinda thing. Not a full-day errand running kinda base! 

• amazing finish (satin-matte for me) 
• great coverage

• need to blot after 4-5 hours
• doesn’t look as fresh after initial 2-3 hours of application

I was very excited after seeing’s Gillian’s IG review on the cushion so I got around to trying it the next day!


The cushion didn’t have as high coverage as the foundation but the finish was still pretty nice. 

I love how yellow-based they are! Can eradicate my redness.


I feel like the finish is more on the matte side!

And it definitely lasted way longer. I didn’t blot for 8 hours straight but I didn’t feel/look shiny. Definitely a win! But I feel like I like the finish of the foundation more. Lol. Confused. 

• very lasting
• good coverage
• satin-matte finish

...I really can’t think of any leh haha