Innisfree 2018 Jeju Color Picker Collection - reviews/swatches


Received these from Innisfree and I am a sucker for the packaging. It’s pastel colors???? With hydrangeas??? Omg damn nice. So I YouTubed watercolor hydrangeas and tried painting some. Turned out okay leh! Yes, I also have a thing for painting roses.

Flower Cotton Ink 


Yknow I gotta talk about the lipsticks first. They are so pigmented and pls go get no. 5. The actual shade is not translating well in the swatch and it’s actually this...


Pinky rose shade that’s damn nice damn nice irl. The brush is this round tubular instead of a flat doe foot one! Quite different ah.

It applies fine since I basically just dot it in the middle of my lips and spread it out. So the shape doesn’t affect me.

Blooming Highlighter


I also really liked the highlighter and was quite surprised when I opened it! I thought it was a regular one lol. I tried swatching the shades individually but it was too subtle so I swirled it around and the result is this soft pastel pink-lilac shade. I don’t have any that looks like that??? The added yellow and coral made it just nice without it being too cool-toned.

Contour Kit/Color Correcting Kit


This is actually quite innovative huh! If u wanna try color corrective and dk where to start, the kit is pretty useful. But I think it will only work for fairer shades. I have a whole post/guide on color-correcting on so can refer to that. 

The kit has a lilac (for brightening), green (reduce redness) and peach (for darkness). It’s not super pigmented which is good cause u can slowly work your way up instead of using too much at one shot and end up too ashy. 

The contour kit is my fave out of the two. There’s a blur primer included which u can’t see the swatch cause it blends into the skin lol, a liquid highlighter and taupe-ish contour shade. My Contour/Highlighter 101 is also on! 

I used three dots below my cheekbones and it was damn pigmented so use VERY little and build it up instead. The shade won’t work for u if you’re too pink-toned/porcelain shade. Only if you’re fair on the warmer tone side!

Real Color Nail


I just got my toe nails done for CNY and have an appt for a mani tmr so I can’t use these yet but when I saw these shades, my first thoughts were these will be PERFECT for creating flowers leh! So soft and pretty. I’ll be trying them out after CNY and will let y’all know. If they are the same as the usual Innisfree nail polishes, I shouldn’t have much to pick on these. 

I’ll try after CNY! In the mean time, I still have to think of what I want for my mani tmr.