Sheet Masks' Tips & Tricks

I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile cause I realized I’ve been getting questions on sheet masking! How long to keep them on, leftover essence etc. so since I am gonna do a compiled sheet masks’ review, I thought I’d throw this part of my personal tips/tricks in. 

Sheet masks are so well-loved because they are more often than not, an instant boost of hydration and can instantly revive your skin when necessary. Not only that, it’s super pampering and relaxing and who don’t want that leh haha 

 Wash off? 

One of the main reason they are so popular is cause they can be used to ‘reinforce’ and boost the efficacy of your serum and other skincare products.

I don’t wash off any residue after applying, rather choosing to massage and pat the leftover good stuff in cause it’s essentially good stuff! Why wash off??? If it’s because it leaves behind a heavier texture, then use it at night and seal with a good moisturizer and let all the good stuff ‘sit’ overnight! 

 How long can I keep my sheet mask on? 

How long you can keep your sheet mask on depends on several things including the material of the sheet mask, how well it retains the essence etc. 

Most instructions will state to remove after 20 minutes because most sheet masks start drying up around the 20-min mark.

You don’t want to have a sheet mask completely dry up on your face cause that reverses the good stuff by reabsorbing the moisture from your face and drying your skin out instead 😫 that’s a no. 

HOWEVER, recent sheet masks, even those bought from the drugstore have improved DRASTICALLY in terms of material, ability to retain moisture, amount of essence provided etc.

There’s even extra tools like silicon mask cover to prevent rapid evaporation so u get to maximize your mask lol. 

So my personal rule-of-thumb is to keep the mask on as long as it still has essence and not feel like it’s drying up. I’ve tried good quality Korean masks that have a wear time of up to 50 mins. There’s also regular MBD masks that starts drying up around the 20-min mark. 

One good example would be Kosecosmeport Babyish Masks that are targeted for quick 5-7mins morning use so they actually dry up quicker than most. Plus it is so lightweight, it doesn’t leave the usual tacky feel. So those masks are great for morning use if u are gonna apply makeup and head out after. 

Compared to the same brand but a different range - the Clear Turn range, those are slightly heavier in texture and would be better for night use before you sleep! 

 Leftover essence 

For leftover essence in the packet, there are several ways you can make use of it. Flo’s method is to soak cotton pads in the essence and keep them for a next quick use. 

I have a few ways of using them haha

1. If a certain area of the mask is drying up first, I will squeeze the essence from the packet onto the mask directly so I can keep the mask on longer. 

2. If the mask is really awesome and I love the essence (eg SWS Snowise Brightening Mask), I will pour the leftover essence into a tiny travel bottle and use it like a regular serum. 

3. If I don’t really like the mask and don’t feel like reusing or saving, I will pour all the essence out and just massage them all over my neck/body. Lol. 

*After u remove your sheet mask, remember to squeeze the mask and get all the remaining essence out of the material cause don’t waste!! 

 Which step? 

My personal way of including a sheet mask in my routine is first essence > hydrating toner > serum > sheet mask > moisturizer. 

Sheet masks normally have absorption-enhancing properties and this will allow all the good stuff I’ve layered beneath to be better absorbed by my skin. Damp skin has also been shown to absorb products better so the constant state of dampness your skin is in when it’s masking helps all the good stuff to be absorbed too. 

If u simply layer a thick cream on top of very dry skin, u only get a short moment of relief but the cream stays right on the top layer and hardly gets absorbed which is why your skin remains dry. 

Simply adding 1-4 layers of hydrating toner (the really light watery kind) can benefit ALL kinds of skin. For oily skin, this will help ur skin produce less sebum. For dry skin, this helps ur skin absorb the heavier product after. 

Ok I’m totally straying but HYDRATE okay!!!