How to get rid of body acne!

So what I really wanna share today is back/butt acne. This is also super highly requested and I always see it comments!! So I did a bit of research, did some googling and trial and error so I can share today. Oh, even if u have chest pimples, this should be able to help too ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ

It's not uncommon to have blemishes on other parts of ur body and on normal days, it's pretty easy to hide with clothes. But like, obviously blemishes will bring down a person's confidence and it doesn't only have to happen on the face to do that, I feel. 

Like u will feel aware of it if u wear halter neck or spag straps etc. lor. And it's summer season and everyone's in swimwear so it's MORE SKIN exposed ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Skin on our body is thicker than skin on our face. Despite that, it's still skin and basic logic still kinda applies lah - moisturizer and sunscreen are always good. However, as we perspire, wear too-tight clothes or underwear, etc., it can easily cause blemishes too. There are several DIY home treatments u can find online but I tried out TWO and they worked pretty well so I thought I would share them. 

I personally don't suffer from these blemishes (thankfully cause my face is enough for me to handle alr omg). Once in a while, I get back acnes when the heat is too much and I perspire ALOT that day. Most of the time is just 1-2 but enough to make me uncomfortable knowing they are there. I find that too-tight undies like a bra strap cutting into the skin can also cause me to break out (when combined with heat), especially on my back.

It's actually really simple - both the methods only consist of 1 key product each so it isn't like u need to go get a lot of stuff. 

So for the or natural route, it's just the tiny tea tree oil u r seeing.

Tea Tree Oil is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and it's my primary zit care for face. It's VERY strong on its own so if u r using it on ur face, a small cotton bud with a tiny amount is just nice and all u gotta do is dab it on. 

For body care, I won't suggest using it this way cause erm, later the oil accidentally travel to parts u dw it to and sting u, it's gonna be not funny and probably painful HAHA 

Method 1: (more suitable for back-acne)

1. Dilute TTO with water into another bottle (can be a spray bottle to avoid mess upon application?) 
***the amount u dilute depends. So trial and error is necessary and always start light!
2. Pour some onto a cotton pad and wipe over the area and leave it. 

Be prepared to smell like a bottle of tea tree oil just walking around cause yes, the smell is super strong. I've gotten pretty used to it but my husband always go, 'U got pimple put TTO right?' ๐Ÿ˜‚

Also, TTO is alil drying so pls dilute and go light! 

Method 2: Glycolic pads!! 

I personally prefer this method cause it's so quick and don't need other products or tools! For this, as for all actives, leave it on for 30-40 mins before u apply ur body moisturizer.

This is wonderful cause it's a chemical peel! So with time, it does help with scarring. Plus the chances of ur skin acting up is the way lesser cause it's thicker than our skin on the face but PATCH TEST PLS!!! 

I think these two methods would work relatively well for blemishes on back, butt (pls be careful working with intimate areas pls!), back of arms and even chest. Just always rmbr to go light and patch test first ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿป