Milia seeds - Getting rid of them?

This is a super common email question I get. Sad to say - there really is no home treatment for these. 

Milia tend to occur when dead skin cells clump together and forming hard white cysts that are harmless. If u r really concern with the appearance, seeing a derm or a professional might help, but most often go away with time and exfoliation. 

In the mean time, what can help and prevent includes using exfoliater like a BHA will definitely help but u need to be patient cause the skin needs time for the dead cells to be sloughed off etc. If ur milia is too close to ur eyes, be very gently and careful with applying acids around there cause skin is sensitive. Maybe use a cotton bud and apply a thin layer to see if your skin is okay with it. 

If u r using a heavier eye product, switch it out for something lighter like a gel so the pores around there won't clog so easily and accumulate dead cells. 

If the milia seeds are found around your face and not too close to sensitive skin like eye area, then u can use physical exfoliator regularly (1-2x a week).