Oil-Cleansing Method

Oils. What would I do without all the facial oils in my life. For one, my life would be waaaay less glowy, that's for sure.

Ok but seriously speaking, I was going to put up this post on Oil-Cleansing Method sometime back and I know I promised it but right before I was gonna put it up, my skin went crazy. I needed to make sure the info l put up is accurate right, so I had to 're-set' my skin and re-do all the observations. But okay, I'm here with it!! 

I first found this thread thru Reddit. Like, I would just read threads after threads and I spent HOURS on it wtf. This kinda stuff is what I spend all my time on hahaha Personally, this is my 'research' as I prefer not to jump into new stuff immediately and this is really a wide field.

First up, there's a gazillion kinda oils out there. Then there's emulsifying cleansing oils from different brands. That enough is a huge headache, imo. 

Secondly, how often should I be doing it wtf! There's so many schools of thoughts - once a week, once a month, daily, fortnight fml okay. 

Then there's the 'Do I wash if off with water? Soap? What????' question. 

The theory behind OCM is simply 'like dissolves like' and that oil will remove away impurities gently instead of stripping our skin's natural oil. 

It sounds easy enough but there seemed to be a gazillion ways go going about this. I'm gonna do my best to make this as clear as I can, so fingers crossed


There's so many kinds of oils you can use for OCM - Sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil....I won't go on.

I personally use jojoba oil because it closely resembles sebum produced by our skin glands and that just makes the most sense to me right. If you do a transplant, the best kind would be the ones that match the patient's blood type and everything else so the body won't reject the new organ. So if you use smth similar to what your body produces, then less likely it will react badly right? 😂😂😂 Yes, I swear that's how I thought it through and went with jojoba oil. 

Now, idk if jojoba oil will react badly with your skin. It didn't with mine. But I must STRONGLY ADD THIS: if you decide to try this (with wtv oil u pick), pls rmbr that OCM should not cause purging! If your skin starts getting clogged or you r getting breakouts where you normally don't, pls pls pls STOP!!! That is NOT GOOD.

There's a whole bunch u can try with but I went with jojoba. My skin seemed to like it and I didn't try others. I would drop generous amounts of the oil onto my face and start massaging it to break up the makeup. Don't too giam lah. If not enough, later cannot remove all. 

I go in small circular motions. The massage helps to stimulates blood flow so it feels v shiok on my face but make sure to be really gentle!

Oils v.s. Emulsifying Oils

Cleansing oil can either be a pure oil (100%/unrefined/organic) or an oil-based runny liquid. Oil and water don't mix so if it's an oil you're using, start with a dry face. 

Cleansing emulsifying oil is different cause it's not 100% oil. This you will need water! With water, the emulsifying solution should turn milky and as you rinse, it shouldn't remain oily. 

(Omg okay if this info is wrong, someone pls correct me!)

I'm sure most of you know the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (man, this was SO HYPED) and this is an example of an emulsifying oil! It has sorbeth-30 tetraoleate in it and the reason companies make emulsifying oil is for easier removal and not leave an oily residue behind. 

Bad Reaction??

Now I think I've read enough 'case studies' off Reddit to get a clear reason why people tend to break out from OCM. Cause they don't remove the oil afterwards!!!

Ok, I know the whole purpose of OCM is to not strip your skin of its natural oil but I DON'T THINK you can just use oil and not remove it thoroughly afterwards. How would using just a cloth or water remove all dirt and whatnot properly?

I know some users just use a microfiber cloth or warm water to remove the oil residue but I DO NOT SUGGEST THAT. I think that's damn GROSS LEH!! U use the oil to remove makeup then u just wipe off without further cleansing? That's 100% not clean for sure, I feel. 


Grits are a HUGE thing in the OCM community. I never even knew such thing existed till I went down the rabbit hole myself. Omg yah I'm still down there. I haven't climb up yet. 

In the reddit-OCM world, grits are apparently just filaments or black/whiteheads and stuff congesting your pores, and when you use OCM, it helps to remove all these extra dirt and whatnots too. HOWEVER, there's been many disputes that there is no such thing.

After pouring thru so many articles, there's still no conclusive answer. Some say if your skin is good, then your pores are just not congested. Some say if you do after a clay mask, then confirm will have. Some say there's no such thing as grits and it's just lint, dead skin and dirt balled up. 

They all sound kinda 'probably' so as of now, I have no answers too hahaha but I gotta try it out for myself right! 

So if you massage your face and start feeling little hard/waxy small bits, then it's what they (I also dk who 'they' is tbh) call grits! 

I tried taking close-ups against a dark background and I hope circling it helps. It's really not gonna be obvious till you feel it. These are what I normally get! 

Ok, but before you go looking for grits, this is not a MUST-HAVE for every one!! Some people just apparently don't get it at all!!

How I Do It:

1. (I personally find this step more hygienic) I would use cotton pad and micellar water to remove my makeup/sunblock and dry. 

2. Massage oil into skin and massage. Gently massage the oil into the skin to help break up leftover dirt and residue. Don't use too little/much (this is a trial and error alr okay. Idk how to tell u how much sia) and most importantly, DONT RUB TOO LONG. This might cause irritation and cause broken capillaries and redness in your skin. I normally do for 2-4 mins. 

3. Using cotton pads and Garnier micellar water (blue), I remove all traces of whatever is left on my face - oil/grits/leftover makeup etc. 

I must add in, I really think REMOVING the dirty and excess oil with another cleanser is highly necessary. Pls don't just use a cloth and wipe it off. I mean, if that has worked for u before than okay lah, but if you're new to this, then plz don't do that. Later breakouts okay. 

4. Using my Foreo mini + cleanser, I wash my face per normal. 

I do not do OCM daily. I tried that previously - initially, it worked really well but using it daily got too heavy and I could tell certain areas of my face was getting congested. I choose to do it once in a fortnight and that seemed to make my skin happy. I feel like it's a fortnightly deep-cleanse for me cause I tend to get grits every time I use it and it's very shiok for me lah.

Okay, that's the end of my supposed somewhat-guide to OCM. I hope it gives you more....confidence to try it out? Of course, pls observe your skin cause different skin reacts differently (how many times have I repeated this last year 😂) and just have fun!