Products I use for my wavy curls!

I’m not a hair-person. I’m a skin-person. Does that make sense? I used to have the least maintenance when it comes to hair cause I pretty much suck balls at it. I can curl, and straighten it but I can’t do much otherwise. I used to not even dye my hair cause seeing roots really kill the OCD in me. I’m slowly getting over that now lol. 

So most of u guys know that Jane from Style Na is not there anymore. She was my fairy hair-godmother lol 

For those of you who have asked me, and so many of you all did, she already went back to Korea. She told me I can go there and find her but that would be one hell of an expensive (and long) hair cut fml. 

I haven’t done much to my hair since I met her in January. All I did was a cut (like waist-length hair to a bob) and she gave me a perm. I do not know what perm she gave me lol. 


To date, my curls still exist even tho most have kinda fizzled out into softer looser curls. I don’t quite as mind cause they still look decent and I still can straighten them and they don’t look half as bad too. 

Now most of the questions I still oddly get is what I use to curl my hair or what products I use to maintain them so I thought I’d share that. I paid for these items just fyi. 

For shampoos, I am quite adventurous and I’ve tried some that are new in the market. Well, ok, new to me lah.


After finishing up my beloved Moist Diane lavender one, I tried this. I really like it for awhile but I realized my hair was getting oiler faster, but only at the scalp so I think dry scalps will like this. And it smells very nice.


Then I tried this and ooh, this I quite like. My scalp didn’t get as oily but I didn’t like the conditioner as much. The red’s conditioner was more moisturizing, which made sense lah after I tried both.


This is the next set I’m gonna try! It’s the airy and bouncy one which is always nice cause I like the thought of bouncy and airy hair leh?? I’ll let u guys know how it works for me.


And....I did it lol. Hair can grow what and I actually really love my bangs this time. It was exactly what I wanted! 


She was my inspiration. Her choppy long bangs 😍

I went back to the same salon at Bishan (Number 1 Salon) and look for Jason! He is the boss who cuts and his cutting skills really 👌🏼