Je l’aime Amino Amazing Sleek Deep Moist - series


I’ve been waiting for this series to come to Singapore lol. 范冰冰 raved about it and it’s even on 女人我最大 okay. Plus look at the deep blue packaging. It’s so pretty 😍

I didn’t find the shampoo wowing but I LOVE the Treatment Mask and the Deep Repair Algae Mask. The conditioner is perfect for everyday use if ur hair is dry on the ends. I redid my hair recently and it’s straw-like so what perfect time to test them out. 

I felt immediate difference after one use for the algae mask and it’s...idk how to describe the texture. It isn’t your typical silicon-y hair mask yknow? It felt different, like your hair is actually absorbing the mask. It washes off easy too - doesn’t leave that oil-smooth feeling but after it dries, there’s this shine and softness to it omfg I’m in love.