Lucidol-L Hair Wax: Curl / Arrange Fix

Today's post is slightly different really. I am gonna be talking about hair. I don't talk about hair much cause I'm not good at it. I always admire those people who can churn out different hair styles for realz, cause the only few styles I can do are pretty much straightening, curling and braiding. I mean, u can probably tell from my posts 😆 

But I’ve been getting a few DMs asking what kinda products I use and the curler I use so I thought I can do a post to share~


Just an example, a short rain shower in the morning made the air soooo humid, my painstakingly-curled hair decurled in about 2 seconds. The right was how it looked freshly curled and the left was how it looked after a change in weather.

Like every single wave was just *poof* 😭☹️ Sad. The after is on the left and u can see NO CURLS AT ALL. 

I don't really like using regular hairspray just cause of the smell and stiffness so that wasn't smth I ever considered, or needed to till this date. 

So today, I wanted to show you all what products I use to minimize dryness around my ends esp. since I curl them really regularly nowadays & hold my freaking curls in this humidity. It’s super quick and fuss-free and the important part (to me) is how it keeps my curls looking v soft and natural without that fake shiny stiff look. 

But first, the curler I use 👇🏼


This is my baby. It’s the Babyliss Porcelain Ceramic curler in 1.25mm and it’s my life. I love this so much. I went from the Nume to this and I don’t think I’ll ever change my curler lol. 

But I got this in the US so my head’s a two-pin one so it’s damn troublesome. The large barrel gives me beautiful curls and I just love it. Nothing to complain about this.


For extra long-lasting curls, these 3 Lucido-L products are what I use when I curl. 
1. Hair Curl Lotion
2. Hair Wax (Curls) 
3. Designing Air Hair Spray**

The third one is actually not 100% necessary imo unless I know I'd be out for an extra long time and want more 'seal' and hold to the curls. Otherwise the star of the show is really the hair wax. I LOVE THIS SHIT. I’ll explain more in abit


The first one is to use before curling: Lucido-L Curl Lotion and it is because there is heat protection so u just spray it on before curling. 

This smells SOOOOO GUUUÜD 😍 Like I keep spraying it on cause it makes my hair smells DELISH. Omg guys, u need to smell this soft floral scent. I'm not making this up. I love this. I even use this when I straighten my hair actually just to protect the ends. 

After spritzing this on, I let it air dry for a few minutes cause I don't like curling my hair when it's damp. What was more amazing was I realized that the time it took for my curls to form was almost cut in half. I only needed to hold my curler to my hair for ~4-5 seconds and the curl was so bouncy and firm, compared to holding it > 8 seconds. Lesser heat, lesser damage.

However, that ain't no matter if the curls don't hold, right?


Then this is where this amazing wax came in place. I'm obsessed with this wax and I don't even like wax in the first place. My husband used to use wax and it's always sticky and yucky so my first impression of it is just 😣

But I just had to try it out cause the pic adverts for this was very convincing leh. It all looked very soft and airy and I had to try it. 

I use this right after I curl my hair! What you do is pick some up and rub between ur palms till it turns transparent then just scrunch and twist the curls. I swear it was as tho there wasn't any product on my hair and it didn't look sticky or waxy?? My curls remained v soft-looking and natural but it had more bounce to it.



If I am going to be out extra long, have an event or the weather is v humid that day, I will seal all of it with this Lucido-L Spray.


The only reason I pick this is because it states that it has NO STIFFNESSSSS!!! 

I used only a little spritz all over just around the curls and
2. No stiffness
3. Smells SOOO NICE (very, very minimal alcohol scent) 

I'm very picky with my hair stuff, can u tell? It's cause I like to comb thru my hair throughout the day and it irks me when it’s sticky and stiff. 

My first impression was that it smelled so nice! It paired so well with the wax & curl lotion and I think that helps hold the scent in longer. I swear my husband kept smelling my hair the whole day. It didn't have the typical hair spray scent that I thought it would have. The alcohol scent didn’t linger (well, duh cause it’s alcohol lol) but the floral scent did stay. I freaking love the combo of these few products. 

But above all that, omg all of these held my curls sooooo nicely. I tried this out for two weeks over different weather - humid, sunny, rainy and on one day, over 16 hours of wear time. It didn't fail on me at all.


Look at how pretty the packaging is. So nice hor.


Show y’all up close of the texture

Arrange Fix is v different from Curl cause it's in this gel texture compared to Curl which had more of a waxy-creamy feel. It doesn’t feel like a wax really. 

Before braiding my hair, I pick up Arrange Fix with my fingers (similar to how I do it for the curls) and just warm it up between my palms. Then I start braiding so the product is coated on as I braid and spread out more evenly. New favorite for taming strays!! I normally use water LOL damn ol’school


I did this to test out the product and I was honestly impressed! I used the product only on the left side and braided the right side as per normal.

Right after, u can see that the product helps with grip esp. at the end part. After 7 hours, my right side was pretty much a goner yah. I looked MAD HAHAHAH Loose parts have just gotten looser and stray strands were everywhere. 

U can even use Arrange Fix to tame loose flyaways for say, pony tails and buns. Not bad ah! Smells good too leh. 

Okay, that’s all the knowledge that i have for hair. I either straighten, curl or braid it hahaha so don’t judge me 😅 All the products I mentioned above can be bought in Watsons! 

My husband is actually using the volume one to wax his hair and he said he likes it LOL so there you go.