Lucido-L Argan Oil Essence Charge Serum

So aside from my Moist Diane routine - you can read it here, I've also been trying out the Lucido-L Argan Rich Oil Essence Charge.

I remember my first pink Lucido-L Argan Oil Ex Oil I bought because of the scent. I lived and died for it. I think I made a lot of my ex-colleagues buy it too 😂 One of them used it as a hair perfume for after-lunch to get rid of the hawker-center smell lingering around. 

This third new bottle makes it their third version of the Argan Oil!

Kope the image from their site. The pink one was the one I own (and omg damn got memories HAHA) and it's for fine to normal hair. 

The second one, the gold one, is for normal to thick hair and is also slightly thicker in consistency compared to the first. 

Both comes with heat from hair-drying and UV protection!

This is the latest one - Lucido-L Argan Oil Essence Charge & because of the serum texture, it's actually suitable for all hair types from fine to coarse & comes with both UV and heat protection as well! It's really important to have UV protection okay! Cause most of us don't wear a hat out and our scalp gets exposed to sunlight the most.

Like the first 2 version, this has the same floral scent and gives that incredibly soft shine; yet provides deeper and more intense nourishment to your hair.

There’s actually research that backs the fact up that unprotected sun exposure actually damages hair follicles! If we spend so much time protecting our face with sunblock, then makes a lot of sense we protect the hair and scalp that actually faces the sun the most!

When I pumped my first pump of the product, I was expecting a similar consistency to the first version I bought - an oil. 

But instead, this jelly serum-like texture came out and I was so surprised by it! 😱 😱 😱 It's so light and I swear, not sticky and not oily! Gimme gimme gimme "

Apparently, under super advanced Jap technology (of course the Japanese got it), the oil is compressed under high pressure to retain the nutrients of the precious oil, yet at the same time, get that incredibly light texture. I kid you not.

Argan Oil has restorative deep repair abilities for hair and the serum instantly restores damaged areas like dry ends. I can literally see the shine in my hair.

I have actually slacked off my hair game ALOT cause omg, that's so much of it all the time. It has gotten a lot better with my current Moist Diane routine but I need it to be in good condition before the wedding. I'm really using all the above products religiously now k.

I know a lot of girls also avoid hair oils because it's greasy and have the tendency to weigh down hair and give off the streaky oily hair effect. But I promise you - this is SO LIGHT. It's like air serum.

After I use my microfiber hair towel to dry my hair, I flipped it upside down. I pump about 2-3 pumps of the serum and rub them between my palms. I then run my hands repeatedly, with my palms facing outwards so the hair right on the top of my scalp gets coated as well. That's the part that's facing the sun the most so that's why I do it this way.

If need, I'll pump an extra pump to coat my ends. My hair is really long right now, which explains the amount I'm using.

I always use it after I towel dry my hair so if I wanna use a hair dryer or a curler after, I'm not worried about the damaging heat at all~ 

In the morning, when I wake up with extreme bed hair - oh static here is CRAZY so imagine all dat hair rubbing against the bedsheets the entire night - I just pump one pump and run it through and voila, I am no longer a lion.

And look at how quickly the product is absorbed by dry hair too! My hand is totally not oily AT ALL. 

How ma' fancy hair lookin'? Heh I love it. I love the smell. I love how soft it makes my hair. I love how it's anti-frizz. I can't stop reaching for it. 

I know I should but I don't brush my hair as much these days cause it's SO LONG. This really helps with the knots and tangles at the end and I don't tug at my hair as much to rid those. The tangles are so inevitable since it's really damn bloody long and gets all in the way when I sleep