Moist Diane Extra Moist Range - REVIEW!

So after using random brands of shampoo + travel-sized shampoos while back in SG and during travels, u can imagine the state of mess my hair was in. 

I got really excited to start on my new hair care routine with this brand new range from Moist Diane - Extra Moist! I didn't wanna talk about it till I try it and see results cause I don't write about stuff that don't work but this is 👌🏼 and of course I'll provide before/after! 

So a'lil background:

I am lucky to be blessed with a TON of hair but God is fair. My hair definitely needs constant managing at all times. It’s has natural waves, coarse and frizz; esp. in humidity. It also tend to get oily around the roots and I actually get scalp sensitivity. It's super annoying and only started in the past year and a half? When my roots get too oily, my scalp feels rather painful - if u have teeth sensitivity, it's basically that. On my scalp. 😫 Damn pain okay. I hate it. I have done a ton of research regarding this and determined that it started right around the time I went to bleach my entire head of hair! VAINPOT TTM. That’s the first time I have done it and tbh, I probably wont be doing it again. Its too much suffering after. 

Not only has bleaching caused sensitivity to my scalp, it has also dried out my hair like crazy. For the first time, I’ve had trouble washing my hair cause it just gets tangled during and I still go through bottles of conditioner like it’s free. No matter how frizzy my hair was in the past, it’s still soft y’know? People who have bleached their hair knows what I’m talking about. Every single hair wash is really just detangling knots. 

In Boston, I wash my hair every other day but back in humid SG, I prefer to do it nightly. I KENOT stand the damp hot feeling beneath all this hair and washing regularly helps get rid of that sensitive feeling IMMEDIATELY. I haven't really figured out why washing helps but I think the oil build-up at the roots cause it to feel heavier and creates that sensitive feeling. Urrgh. 

I use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to get rid of build-up and all things gross. On regular days, it's just shampoo and conditioner. Once in 2 weeks, I try (keyword: try) to do a deep-conditioning mask. 

Immediately after coming back from SG and SFO, the first thing I did was to use my regular clarifying shampoo and gave my scalp and hair a good detox. To have a fair review, I also used my regular conditioner after. I wanted to give my scalp a reboot before trying out the new range! 

So I took a picture after the 'reboot' and a picture after using the Moist Diane range. For both images, i washed my hair at night, air-dried it, brushed it out with a BBB, woke up and brush my hair in the morning before taking the pics.

Yes, I know, I need to go fix that dye job soon. It's horrendous. The part where my hair resembles a lion mane is where the bleach job started. It helps that I can't see the back of my head tho 🙊😂

Also, I'm really very amazed at the after. It's so shiny and soft! Even the husband couldn't stop running his fingers thru my hair. Normally, I hate when he does it cause he doesn't know his strength and it feels like he is pulling my knots out HAHAHA but no knots this time!

Since I'm back here, I've started to alternate washing days again but because I washed my hair daily back in SG, my oil production is still on that schedule. So I was pretty much expecting the same sensitivity on my second day due to oily scalps + no wash day. 

To my surprise, THERE'S NONE OF IT. Omg happy me 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 

I think when it comes to hydration and moisturization, a lot of people get scared that it would just cause more oiliness to hair. But this is a misconception! Its like how people think using a facial moisturizer will lead to more oiliness. Scalp is technically also skin. So if its hydrated and moisturized, it wont send signals to cells to produce more oil. 

This Extra Moist range is actually a renewal of the highly popular Moist & Shine range and the main focus is hydration for normal to dry hair. The original range uses Apple Extract but this has been replaced with Gold Pearl Essences for more intense hydration and added anti-frizz benefits. Girls with frizzy hair aka ME appreciates this 🙌🏼 I can definitely see an improvement in frizz with one (I’m really v impressed with this). My hair immediately looks smoother and feels so much softer.

Moist Diane uses a variety of plant oils instead of silicone to keep hair soft and shiny during wash and the essential oils help to heal ur hair. It sounds pretty counter-intuitive at first - to use oils to wash ur hair. But its like us girls using Rosehip Oil on our face leh, if u think about it haha

If u dye ur hair, then I recommend using a silicone-free shampoo cause it doesn't rid u of the color! 

Moist Diane uses a variety of rare plant oils instead of silicone to keep hair soft and shiny during wash and the essential oils help to heal ur hair. It sounds pretty counter-intuitive at first - to use oils to wash ur hair. But its like us girls using Rosehip Oil on our face right! I'm not going into RHO again, don't worry. I know y'all don't wanna hear about it too 😂 just use #PeaFacialOils to read up on them if u have no clue what I'm rambling on about 😬

The main essential oils used:

  •  Baobab Extract 
  • Quinoa Extract
  • Silk Essence
  • Nano-Gold Colloid 
  • Mongongo Oil

One of the main oil I’ve mentioned above - Argan oil is an antioxidant that helps protect and hydrate hair and scalp after cleansing. Argan oil is also a kind of dry oil so it doesn't cause that greasy after-feeling. Also, it helps to retain moisture so ur scalp won't overproduce oil!

Baobab oil is apparently also very moisturizing and can be quickly absorbed by hair so it helps to keep hair hydrated as well. Another essential oil used is the Mongongo Oil that has NATURAL UV PROTECTION!!!! Y’all know I am all about the sun-blocking so this is definitely caught my interest. Yes, suppposedly, wearing a hat daily to prevent sun-damage is very important for hair but who really does that all the time right?? I don't for sure, but neither was I gonna be using sunblock on my head lah. So this is a good plus.

The other essential oils in this range - quinoa extract, silk essence, nano-gold colloid and gold essence - all sounds so luxurious, doesn't it! I'm have no clue how it works but if it works, I'll take it 🙋🏻

Since I am trying out the entire range, I went ahead and used the mask. The most significant selling point of the mask for me is that it repairs dry/wavy hair for softer and straighter hair without hair straightener. No need for harsh heating tools ✌🏼


I was really confused when I did more research and learnt that hair mask is actually used before conditioner (or rather, treatment is what they call it) in Japan? But hey, I don't doubt Japanese when it comes to beauty-related stuff cause they do know their shit. The explanation behind this is that it helps the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.
I was all game to try it. 

Shampoo > MASK > Treatment/Conditioner

I've actually tried this twice this week! I normally get very lazy when it comes to hair mask cause I can only do it after I wash and condition my hair and then leave it for 15 minutes before stepping back into the shower to rinse it. 

But since this step is incorporated between washing and conditioning, its SO MUCH EASIER. Plus this mask is quick - only need to leave it on for 5-7 mins. Then after rinsing, I use the treatment/conditioner to seal everything in! In between, just shower!

This is how my hair looks like after the mask! I didn't change up the routine after so its just air-drying and bushing it out with my BBB.

I could feel an immediate softness to my hair that I haven't felt in a long time. Its just falls into place without needing me to tame it like crazy. 

I feel like once/twice a week for me is just nice enough to keep my hair soft and hydrated but it really depends on ur hair type. If ur hair is on the thinner side, I would say 1-2x shld be more than enough as well!

I just wanted to show how each product under this range looks and feels like. For the shampoo, I was really afraid it’d be oily but nope! No issues at all. It doesn't cause that knotted, tangly feeling I get (due to the bleaching) after washing off the suds so I am gonna attribute that to the oils! I can’t show pictures of me washing my hair lah, duh hahaha so I can only describe to you.

The mask has a more solid texture compared to the conditioner/treatment and what I like is I don't have to spam it to feel a difference. I know cause when I use my other conditioner, I pump out at least 3-4 pumps to get the smooth after- feeling. I only need about 2 pumps for this (my hair is BUTT-LONG now so I definitely use more conditioner than normal) but if you have shoulder-/mid-back length, then 1 - 1.5 pump should definitely suffice. I spread the product between my hands and then just run it through my hair. I don't rub it into the roots but I just spread it close to it so almost the entire hair shaft is coated.

All Moist Diane range can be purchased in Watsons, NTUC, BHG, Nishino, Medidi-ya, Tokyo-Hands Outlets.

BUUUTTTT, if u don't trust me (Y DONT U!!!) u can redeem free samples to try this range out for yourself to see if it suits u!!! Just clicK here.

Okay, if u do try this range out, do comment to let me know if it works for u as well! I would love to read about your reviews as well :D 

Very satisfied with how soft and shiny my hair is! I'm really proud of how long and thick it is right now and I need it to stay healthy cause I don't intend to get any major cuts till the wedding!