Moist Diane Extra Fresh & Hydration Range - Review~


Don’t say I never share k. This range is, dare I say, EVEN BETTER than the Lavender one!!!! I love the Lavender one for the smell and I looked forward to washing my hair every night. 

When I got this, I got quite a shock that it smells like I’m bathing in grapefruit juice. If u don’t like citrusy smell, u are not gonna like this. But i personally find it pretty refreshing?? It’s VERY VERY cooling. Like toothpaste for ur scalp LOL 

The minty feeling is VERY shiok esp. since the poo weather these days have just been driving me nuts. It’s so humid and hot and the minty feeling makes me feel extremely refreshed and 舒服 lah. Like I wash all the dirt away. 

Okay, those are not the point. The minty feeling and smell go away pretty quick so it’s not what I wanted to focus on.

This range makes my hair sooooo soft. I didn’t change anything up, including my usual leave-in hair oil so it’s definitely this! I don’t have Before/After cause I wasn’t expecting this but I have pics to show y’all how SMOOTH & shiny my hair is.


I don’t even have to brush my hair in the morning and this is legit how it looks like. I’m still in pjs as u can tell. Hahaha

It’s ✨SHINY✨ LEH. I cannot stop running my hands through my hair cause so soft??? I’m damn bloody impressed. It’s very manageable and I don’t even bother straightening it. 

There’s Salicylic Acid and o-Cymen-5-ol in it as active ingredients. I’m not gonna comment on the salicylic acid cause I doubt that does a lot since pH would be altered by the time everything else is mixed with the product. However, o-Cymen-5-ol has known anti-bacterial properties and helps to cleanse the skin by destroying or inhibiting growth of microorganisms! So think yucky sweat/gunk bacteria being killed LOL 

I also have been trying the scalp essence and I feel like my oil production is more controlled? It’s not what it’s promoted but i really feel that my hair looks fresher longer. I really don’t think I’m imagining it cause I changed nothing up in my routine leh? I don’t have dandruff so I can’t attest to that but so far, I’ve been really enjoying this range. Has anyone else tried the scalp essence? Do y’all feel like there’s oil control too?? Is it just me????? Lol.

Look at this. I’m not shitting u lah. 

This really made my hair v soft and shiny. I mega love it. The smell and minty-ness are extra bonus imo. Go try! Especially if u like citrusy-smelling products.