Glossier Haloscope - Moonstone

I've always liked the motto behind Glossier but tbh, it's just really good marketing. I went over and beyond researching the effectiveness of the serums cause it isn't cheap at all, and/or it isn't raved enough for me to just splurge.

If you Google about the serums, the reviews that pop up are all paid and done editors who either like the concept and/or the packaging. The mention of the effectiveness of the product is barely touched, with whatever's covered coming from the brief probably. I'm a skeptic. Anyhow, when I finally found reviews, the mention of how bad this range performs is just enough to keep me away.

I got this entire set as a gift so since i didn't fork out money for this, I shall try it now that I have a chance! I checked the site and one serum is going for USD$28 whilst the entire set of 3 is going for USD$65. 

Marketing is really on point with them tho. So for this post, I am gonna be covering now of their more popular product - Haloscope. It's called a dew-effect highlighter and is known to create the shine and dewiness of intensely hydrated skin - like the image below.

I can't deny their marketing strategy is crazy good. 

I know my lighting isn't really good but you cannot miss that streak of shine and dewiness right! It's a very skin-like balm highlighter. The core is actually made of coconut, castor seed and sweet almond oils to give he right amount of glaze. 

Omg its even more beautiful irl. There's this luminous glow with very micro sparkles that gives that 3d shine. 

And I'll keep you guys updated on these! I really hope they do work out cause it'd be such a pity.