Etude House Tint My Brows + Gel

My Etude House haul! Not much lah. 

I got the brush cause omg that packaging so cute?? And the brush is so super soft. Let's be honest, I can't afford the highly-raved Artis Oval brushes so let me play around with this first lah huh. It's gold leh! So lux looking 😂

Got the eyeshadow palette in idk what shade?? The packaging never write but I'll be playing with it tmr! Hopefully got time to swatch it before I go out. 

Also bought the Play 101 stick in shade 10 and it's a highlighter! I swatched it and then I died so I bought it. One can never have too many highlighters. Glow till u need sunglasses. 

Got 2 brow products! One is called Tint my Brows and it reminds me of the Stila Stay All Day Brow Color but costs only $5.90. Good alternative.

The other is the VERY ODD Tint My Brows Gel. I've seen it on some other dayrean's post (sorry I can't rmbr which acct 😭) and I GOT TO TRY THAT SHIT. 

Apparently u put it on then next morning u just peel it off?? IMMA TRY IT TONIGHT. Pls don't make me look like 蜡笔小新 okay. *fingers crossed. 

Both the brow shades are in Grey-Brown cause my brow hairs are really dark and I don't like using brown.

I have naturally thick dark brows but they are really quite patchy and my main concern is to make them look neat and similar to each other lah.

I've got the brow tint on! I look like I have fresh brow embroidery on. Or I used a sharpie and colored in my brows. My mama is gonna get a SHOCK. 

I'm supposed to leave it on for more than 8 hours for better effect but I've read other reviews where the product kinda left a green tint. So I thought I'd better leave it for less than that amount so if it turned green, the stain won't linger too long or be too obvious. 


So I took them off and it's been about 30-45 mins! 

And this is how they look! 😍 Omg this is gonna make my life v easy if it works. Will leave them on as it is and wash my face tmr. Let's hope they stay!

The demo is in light brown (I'm pretty sure!)

How it works and the shades available. Glad I picked the Grey-Brown. Btw, they don't have testers at the outlet I went to (Bugis) so maybe Google ur shade first! Grey would be the safest choice for most unless ur hair is v blonde or ur brow hairs are v light.

These is how my brow looks with the two products! I use the Tint Gel at night before I sleep. I put them on for about 2-3 hours and peel it off before I head to bed. 

Next morning, I will just wash my face as per usual and then I'll use the Brow Tint to fill in and shape them up better. And THATS IT. SO EASY?? 

The Brow Tint Gel can last for about 2 days, which makes it 4 face washes 😂 and I think it's quite amazing leh!! It looks like fresh brow embroidery, which I've done before!