Etude House Blend4Eyes Quad - #01 Dried Rose

I picked this up on a whim. Also because I LOVED the brick red shade in it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Here's a swatch of the quad! LOOK AT NUMBER 4 😍😍😍 I die. 

2 shimmer shade, 2 matte shades. Very easy to work with. The creamiest shade to work with was No. 1 and it's this gorg coral. The hardest one to swatch was No. 3 and it feels drier compared to the rest. However, I only intend to use that shade on my crease cause of the warm peachy nude shade and it works beautiful deepening the crease. 

My entire love is built on No. 4. It's really a dried rose shade as the name states?? It's super warm-tone and has this rust undertone and omg I just die lah. It's damn pretty. 

I had to be careful with this shade tho cause i don't want to look like I got socked in the eyes.

The look I did with it when I used it, and the pigmentation, longevity and shade just. Blew. Me. Away. 

I need to check out the other quads ASAP!