e.l.f Illuminating Palette

I love elf. I do. And idk why I only own their blushes and not their highlighters. So when elf came out with the palette, I know I needed it. The palette has 2 other sister blushes! V pretty too. And I just picked up the baked highlighter cause it was a dupe for smth (I can't recall but it's on Pinterest)

Gonna talk more about the palette in this post. 

The baked highlighter is slightly harder to pick up but the pay off is beautiful for $3. If you compare it to the palette, you can see that the baked highlighter is straight-up metallic and bright. The palette is slightly more subdued. 

The palette, with 4 shades of highlighter is just $6. It isn't as shimmery as the baked one but it is definitely better formulated cause it felt creamier to the touch. It has more of a sheen to add, what the palette's name hinted at, illumination. 

The first 2 shades are yellow and pink shades. Very easy to work with. I would definitely use the pink to add a little highlight for a natural look. Then I would use the yellow shade to set my undereye after concealing and to brighten up that area as well. 

The third shade being the most interesting cause it was so skin-colored with a slightly peachy undertone is perfect to set my entire face.The forth one is quite copperish and I don't think I can wear it as a highlighter. Blush maybe.

I couldn't zoom in anymore without distorting this picture. I wanted to show u all how it actually swatches; cause it pretty much looks like normal powder shades from the picture lor. 

This has been compared to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and I must say this quality is really mind-blowing for $6. SIX DOLLARS. 

This is not ur typical in-ur-face glowy kinda highlight. More subtle with a sheen kind. I guess that's why the powder is being compared to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and the palette is compared to the Edit Palette!

I don't own the edit palette but here's the closest I can find.

Immediate impression would be that Elf is waaaayyyy creamier and softer. Hourglass one swatched much finer? The powder is more finely milled, and the effect is more of a subtle glow/sheen. 

The elf one is slightly less pigmented and came out more powdery compared to the HG one but to be honest, it would be really hard to differentiate the two. 

I can't compare the rest of the shades but I really like this palette for itself. It's SIX BUCKS. I can't get over it. Elf is really stepping up its game. I am very impressed. Even if this is not an absolute dupe, it's still a great buy imo. 

I blended out the powder and took it under sunlight to show you how pretty the sheen is. It isn't too flat or matte against the skin and gives off a really nice glow! Isn't this really perfect for a setting powder?