Covergirl Lip Lava - swatches

So the Sigma holographic lipgloss has been just appearing all over my IG feed, day in and out and they are really quite pretty. I went thru my old stash and found 2 Covergirl ones that I recalled owning.

Now these weren't v widely promoted or anything but they were duo chromatic and I thought they looked fun. The duochromatic effect was due to the blue reflective glitters they throw in tho. Still, a fun option to try, imo.

I don't think holo lips are super wearable; esp for everyday?? So these are a great alternatives if u wanna have fun lah.

I tried to capture the diff colors but it was way more obvious irl. My camera isn't picking much up. 

The red has micro blue glitter that only shows up in certain light so that was harder to catch. Ooh La Lava is more duo-chrome for sure. There's pink, blue and purple in there and it looks quite pretty under light.

Live Love Lava is SUPER PIGMENTED and really such a gorgeous red. But I would love to see how Ooh La Lava performs as a lip topper to increase intensity 🤔

Colourpop UML (More Better) + Covergirl Lip Lava (Ooh La Lava)

Colourpop UML (More Better) + Covergirl Lip Lava (Ooh La Lava)

I tried it on a super dark matte lip color and its so pretty! It becomes this really metallic duo chrome shade. And I love how its not super sticky and it wears really comfy!