Colourpop Pressed Powders - Swatches & Review

 I miss happy mail time.Are y'all excited for swatches. How should I arrange them. 有一点 #firstworldproblem

I am rambling. I am very excited. Can y'all feelz me?

So these are the shades I got. It's kinda weird but got reason one! Hahaha I really wanted colors that I can use everyday but still have a pop, to pair with other shades from my other palettes and to get a feel of the mattes and metallics. My shadows work damn hard for their money pls. 

Let's look at some of the mattes I got!

I picked Hear Me Out to set my primer/base shadow and for a browbone highlight. 

Wake Me Up and Bel Air (I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHADE) is for crease color! Wake Me Up is warmer than Bel Air but I tried both together and they work pretty well blended out! 

Top Notch and Popular Demand are as they look. Top Notch is a warm golden brown omg damn yummy and Popular Demand has a reddish brick undertone shade to it.

Some more mattes and, only two metallics. There's just too much discrepancies after awhile, comparing swatches on the internet. Decided to just try out two first, in the end. 

Red shadows are v hard to formulate and I went ahead and picked one of the reddest shade they had. Firstly, Stay Golden is BEAUTIFUL. It has a cool undertone in the pan (pics later) but it swatches to be this warm brick red. I love it 

I have very few dusty purple shadows I like. They just fail to come in the correct shade. This shade - Silver Lining swatches slightly darker compared to pan as well, and is a tad patchier than the rest. Which makes it why I really don't like these kinda purple shades. They are always patchy! I haven't found a HG yet.  

The last two shades are metallics!

Team Captain tho - I love green shades. Luv it. They make my brown eyes very very brown. It's this dreamy forest green and is damn pretty omg. I got Sideline so I can play it with Team Captain. I can feel they are gonna look real bomb together. 

And if u ever need a pink shadow in your life, go and get Come and Get It. Look at that swatch, I mean. LOOK AT IT. That duo chrome, that pink, that pretty gold 😍😍😍

I still think Silver Lining looks lighter in the pan (izzit just me?) This row's shades are so incredibly weird. Like Christmas gone bad

Haha I would NEVER go out and get a palette that looks like this tbh

Oh yes, the offer for the Colourpop palettes are still going on. Every 4 u buy, u get a palette. If you rip the styrofoam bedding off the magnet piece, you can fit 10 shadows in it. But it's still pretty bulky so I might just transfer them to my zpalette lah.

I wanted to try some of the shadows on my lids. 

1. Come and Get It on 2/3 of lids
2. Stay Golden and Popular Demand in the outer v corner and drag into crease
3. Top Notch to blend the two shades together
4. Wake Up Call and Bel Air in crease

Stay Golden didn't perform as well on brush as I thought. It appeared as a blue-toned pink when I use a brush!! Idk how or why?? 

But the other shadows performed really nicely!!!