Colourpop Highlighters!

Was packing my makeup and realized I have 5 CP highlighters and I thought I'd do a compilation post! 

I'm super gross and hardly spend time taking care of my stuff so I apologize these look so crummy. 

Might Be was a mistake-buy cause its waaayyy too dark for a highlight but it does work beautifully as a shadow! Hippo and Teasecake are slightly duo chrome and seemed hardest to pick up for pigmentation. They feels soft and creamy when I use my fingers to swatch but the pigment doesn't exactly transfer the best. But since this is a highlighter, it doesn't really matter lah cause I still can work the shade. I love Flexitarian the best cause its SO SHINY AND WHITE and appears so glowy on the cheeks. Spoon is like a little sister of Flexitarian and appears less white, more skin-tone. I love this when I want smh glowy but more subtle.